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Side Effects: Why Drugs Are Poision

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When you feel sick, overly worried, or just can not sleep what do? You go to see your doctor, right? After a normally long wait in the office you are finally seen. You go over your symptoms with your doctor and he checks you for signs of whatever might be the cause of your problem and gives you some medication(s) to take. A very standard depiction of Western Medicine would you not say? The depiction has became the normal way we conduct our lives when it comes to any sickness. However the medications that are prescribed seem to have more and more side effects. The side effects of medications are normally more problematic then what they are curing. Is the "cure" worth the risk that we take when it comes to the medication we use?
Medicine has been seen as far back as the first civilization. Witch doctors, healers, priest, and sooth sayer would give some magical remedy to solve the problem at hand. This practice is the ancient art of alchemy, not referring to the part where some old hermit locked away in an arakic lab is trying to turn lead to gold. Im referring to the part of alchemy that later become modern chemistry. Alchemy has many parts to it one of which was medicine making. Alchemist would brake down plants into what they believed to was the three basic parts. Alchemist believe that everything that is in world was made up of three parts Mercury or the soul, Sulfur or the sprit, and Salt or the body. A cording to "Real Alchemy: A Primer in Practical alchemy, "Alchemist worked tirelessly to break down these parts and then recombine them, to make some stronger and better."(107) These discovery lead to wide brake throughs to modern chemistry. The brake through paved the way for medicine as we know it, but at what cost?
Chemistry plays a key role in modern medicine. As chemistry came to be, it found fast and quicker methods of making medications. This short cut method gave rise to what is now known as side effects. The change in how we make our medications from the alchemical process to the chemical process is to blame. We see the side effects that cause the most damage in the medication that treat mental illnesses. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights says "Psychotropic drugs are increasingly being exposed as chemical toxins with the power to kill. Psychiatrists claim their drugs save lives, but according to their own studies, psychotropic drugs can double the risk of suicide. And long-term use has been proven to create a lifetime of physical and mental damage, a fact ignored by psychiatrists.(Citizens Commission on Human rights International 6). As it has been stated studies show that the side effects are more dangerous then the so called cure. Now the this begs the question why would medical professional give out pills of death? Through my research I have found, that the companies that make the drugs to cure most aliments, will make X billion dollars off the launch of a new drug no matter what the side effects...

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