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Distracted Driving: The Danger Of The Technological Age

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Distracted driving: the Danger of the technological age

Every year there are hundreds of car accidents that are directly related to some style of electronic device distracting people in cars driving and sadly the death rate keeps increasing as more technology is developed. For many people the use of their cell phone is a way to keep in contact with their friends or business partners. This technology advancement has started a problem with people trying to multitask behind the driver’s wheel which has been shown to increase the distraction level of the driver. Most car users now own a global positioning system which does allow driver to get to their destination fast and safer but if used at the wrong time can be a major distraction and cause of dangerous driving. The youth of the new generation has been given a lot of amazing tools and with it the iPod but this cause kids to focus more of the music being played in their car other then the people that they share the road with. Even though people say that using their cell phones and other electronic devices to communicate while driving can beneficial to their occupation, in reality, the dangerous habit of texting and driving, using global position systems, IPod’s, and computers requires more severe retributions in order to decrease the major distractions, save on unnecessary expenses, and to save innocent people’s lives.
During the year 2009 a Study was taken by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that showed that majority of drivers under the age of twenty are more likely to be distracted when driving their motor vehicle. (“Driving Distracted”) The main distraction teenagers have in the present time would be considered texting and driving, the main reason teens use their phones is due to the fact that they want to keep in contact with their peers and know what is going on. Within all age groups the number on record for the year of 2009 for people killed in car accidents caused by distracted driving was 5,474 and the amount of people injured was 448,000. (“Driving Distracted”) Drivers don’t understand why the number raises so much by just being distracted but studies show that operating a hand held device when driving makes you four times more likely to be in a car accident that will be serious or be fatal. (“Driving Distracted”)
Today’s day and age maps have basically have been replaced by the technology of global positioning systems with allows for a little safer driving due to the driver is not trying to read a map when they are operating their vehicles but with the new technology comes new problems. This new system can allow the driver to fallow a voice but when the system is not up to date it cause drivers to have to make quick lane changes and exiting that is making them drive in a reckless manner. Most of the Systems are distracting because people will start driving they then turn on the system and try to input the address they need to get to which sometimes...

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