Sidney Crosby Essay On Why You Want To Meet Him English Essay

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Meet Sidney Crosby
One of my dreams has all ways been to meet Sidney Crosby. Why because he’s a great role model for kids that love hockey and like to watch a good player play. And he’s a great player he’s scored lots of goals in his career like the golden goal to win the Gold Medal in 2010. And I hope to be a hockey player and play with him.
Bugatti Veyron
The Bugatti Veyron my dream car. The fastest street legal car in the world reaching speeds over 250 MPH is an amazing vehicle. I would love to own one because that there is only 450 made and one the streets so to own one of the few that would be pretty amazing.
Vacation to Hawaii and Great Britain
I have visited Great Britain before and it’s amazing. I loved it, there was so much to do there and I had a great time with my grandpa. I had the opportunity to meet my cousins that live over there and see where my grandpa was born and also where I was born there. My dream is to go back there again.
Hawaii I hear is an amazing place. The water is crystal clear and the mountain’s and the scenery are amazing. There’s a lot to do like jump in the ocean and zip line. And...

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