Sidney Crosby The Next Great One

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Sidney Crosby the Next Great One
Sidney is Crosby is a phenomenal hockey player currently playing in the NHL. Many
people debate on him being the next Great One, due to multiple aspects of his talent. Sidney
Crosby, being the talented player he is, many people compare him to Wayne Gretzky who is the
best known hockey player in history. Since hockey has evolved from when Wayne Gretzky was
on top, it makes it difficult to compare him to Sidney Crosby. But, since the evolution of hockey
has occurred, this means that Sidney Crosby is better overall, speed wise, acceleration, agility,
and endurance.
Since Crosby has entered the NHL in the 2005-06 Season, he has managed to score 266
goals, 477 assists, for a combined total of 743 points, in only 528 games played (Diamond, and
Associates). Crosby was able to excel in the NHL Because of his exceptional talent. He was able
to become the player he is now by starting his professional career with the Rimouski Oceanic, a
QMJHL, Junior A, hockey team. With 121 games played, he was able to score 120 goals, 183
assists, for a joined total of 303 points (Diamond, and Associates). With Crosby playing
exceptionally for Rimouski, it caught the eyes of World Junior Coaches for team Canada. While
Crosby’s first appearance was at the surprisingly young age of 16, proving his exceptional talent
to scouts and capturing the hearts of Canadians everywhere. All this led up to him becoming the
next Great One in the NHL(Sidney Crosby Biography).
With Crosby already learning to skate at only age 3 and starting his hockey career when
he was age 5, in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. By the time he reached age 7, was able to
develop such a high skill surpassing his teammates and age group. With Crosby being so talented
at such a young age he was able to continue widening the gap between him and his age group,
each year (Sidney Crosby Biography). As he grew older his talent only thrived, catching the eyes
of many people throughout his hometown and later on Canada. Later, Crosby decided to attend
Shattuck-Saint Mary’s School, Centers of Excellence in Hockey. Which further excelled Crosby,
and helped him attain one of the greatest achievements in hockey, being drafted 1st overall in the
2005 NHL Entry Draft (Shattuk-Saint Mary’s NHL Draft Picks).
With Crosby becoming the greatest hockey player in the world,...

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