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Sierra Leone, Overcoming Challenges Essay

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“High We Exalt Thee, Realm of the Free”, is the national anthem of a rich and diverse country named Sierra Leone (“Sierra Leone”, 2013). Many believe that the names of capital cities or specific emblems always have a meaning behind them, and that is the case for this country in particular. Although the country as a whole has suffered detrimental set backs in their economics system due to civil war, violence, and enclave production; there still exists a strong Sierra Leonean people and culture full of hope for a brighter future.
Portuguese navigators were the first to explore the land of Sierra Leone back in 1462 (“Sierra Leone”, 2013). Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa with the Atlantic Ocean providing a coastline of about 300miles (“Sierra Leone Embassy”, 2013). There are currently about seventeen ethnic groups and about twenty different languages (Kanu, A,C. 2000; Sierra Leone Embassy 2013). The ex-slaves, “little by little created a common language, a modified English known as Krio (Creole in English)…”
(Davidson,1992 p.25). Languages differ depending on the tribe one is from; within the various tribes dialects and languages spoken or combined vary (Kanu, A,C. 2000; Sierra Leone Embassy 2013).
According to the International Labor Organization, “Sierra Leone has Mangrove Swamps that lie along the coast, hills and mountain plateau near the eastern part of the country, and on the west it encompasses as a Peninsula on which the Capital Freetown is located; is 24 miles long and 10 miles wide” (2013). In fact “Freetown sits on the coastal peninsula which is next to the worlds third largest natural harbor, Sierra Leone harbor” (“Sierra Leone Embassy”, 2013). Sierra Leone has a interesting and unique climate. There are two seasons and they determine the cycle for agriculture. December till April is considered to be the dry season and from May till November it is the rainy season (“Sierra Leone Embassy”, 2013). This plays a major role in farming and agriculture.
The country flag has three horizontal stripes, the first being green, the second white, and the third blue. The green stripe signifies agriculture, mountains, and natural resources (“Sierra Leone”, 2013). The white strip signifies unity and justice, and the blue strip signifying the sea and national harbor in Freetown (“Sierra Leone”, 2013). Some natural resources found in Sierra Leone are rutile, bauxite, gold, platinum, chromite, and diamonds; the resources most used to economically assist the county are diamonds (Healey, C. 2011).
Furthermore, in the 18th century is when the British controlled and occupied the west coastal area of Africa for slave trade (“Sierra Leone”, 2013). Sierra Leone was the perfect location for many corrupt businessmen interested in the slave trade, and became a central point for transporting slaves to the Americas. Many African’s were forcefully taken from their home and families all over the country of Africa were sold into slavery. These...

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