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Sigmund Freud: Changing The Way We Think About The Way We Think

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Sigmund Freud: Changing the Way We Think About the Way We Think

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, is world renowned. His view points and interpretations of human behavior that he has presented in his arguments have always made me take a deeper look at myself. He opens up a new way of seeing things. Talking about Freud, there is never a dull or boring moment, there is always some way you can look at yourself and see something you didn't see before.
A physiologist, medical doctor, neurologist(one who studies the nervous system) psychologist. The id, ego, and super ego. The unconscious mind. Sexual drives as the primary motivator of life. Often thought of as a pedophile as well, but there is far more to this man and his mind! He founded the discipline of psychoanalysis. He is known for his theories of the unconscious mind, i.e. the id, ego, and super-ego, and the mechanism of repression. Repression is an attempt to repel or turn away natural instincts and desires. Freud also created the clinical method of psychoanalysis for questioning and understand the mind, and the way it operates. Psychoanalysis also helped in treating psychopathology, mental illness and abnormal behavior, through dialogue between the patient with the illness and a psychoanalyst. Freud also said that the sexual drives were the primary motivator, and force of human life. He interpreted dreams as sources of insight into unconscious desires. He was an early researcher and contributor to treating mental illnesses such as aphasia and cerebral palsy. Also a prolific essayist, he wrote 15 books and countless essays, he drew on psychoanalysis, and the understanding it brought, to contribute to the culture, and to humanity.
Freud was born a Jew in the Austrian Empire, in the town of Freiburg, to a very poor couple, Jacob and Amilie, and was the first of 8 children. At the age of four, his family moved to Vienna, along with many other Jewish families because the standards of living were higher and educational and professional/work opportunities were far better and more readilyavailable than in the provinces and country. Despite poverty, Freud proved to be an excellent student and he graduated with honors. He intended on studying law, but instead decided to join the medical faculty at the University of Vienna. There he studied under Karl Claus, a renowned Darwinist professor. At the age of 24 Freud received his doctorate in medicine. He spent four months at the Salpêtrière clinic in Paris, France, studying under the neurologist Jean Martin Charcot. It was under Charcot's tutelage that Freud became interested in hysteria and its psychological origins. After studying with Charcot, Freud returned to Vienna and established a private neurology practice. He began treating hysterical patients by the use of hypnosis, a technique he learned under Charcot. Along with Joseph Breuer he became successful in hypnosis and together they published a book entitled Studies on...

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