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Carissa GiomettiWilliamsEnglish 26 November 2014FireThe novel Lord of the Flies is written by William Golding shortly after the end of World War II. The novel tells us about a group of English boys who are stranded on an island during the period of war. They discover that the island is inhabited and therefore, they attempt to create their own society in order to sort things out while waiting for rescue. However, as time passes by, things begin to get out of control. This is because they are extremely young and plus, there are no adults to guide them on the island. In the end, although they are rescued, everything is in vain since they have lost most of the important things in life including their civilised way of life. The event clearly shows that children are not innocent as they are savages by nature. Without adult guidance or supervision, the entire spectrum of this dark side inherent in them would be manifested in full force. This statement will be discussed, analysed and justified further with close reference to the characters, plot and literary devices in the novel.The fire in the novel, Lord of the Flies, is to use the smoke for rescue. The smoke is supposed to be seen by the people on ships. The fire is a representation of common sense and rescue from immorality. When the fire can no longer be lit, because Jack stole Piggy's specs that lit the fire. Jack believes hunting is more important than making a fire. The boys use the smoke from the fire in hope to be rescued. When the fire went out, Jack stole Piggy's specs. The author wrote, "His specs-use them as burning glasses" (40). Jack uses the glasses to make a fire. Fire symbolizes the boys hope for rescue, but when the boys add to many branches, a boy ended up disappearing and the boys did not know where he had gone. Furthermore, Golding writes, "Smoke was rising here and there among the creepers that festooned the dead or dying trees" (44). Small flames from the fire started rising up from the trees and the boys started to cheer, because the smoke got high enough so where it would be visible to people in the sea. After a while the boys got quiet, the power of the awe died down. The knowledge and the awe made him savage. When the boys made the fire they needed smoke from it, so they could be rescued.When the boys were trying to make a fire, Jack started to get angry because the smoke from the fire was not working. When the smoke from the fire did not rescue them, Jack thinks...

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