The Importance Of It Auditing In The Modern World Of Business

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This paper summarizes the contents of course CIS7006-8 ‘Foundations of Computer Network Auditing’ at Northcentral University. The course covers information technology (IT) audits and control, IT governance, the IT legal environment, and IT risks. The course also outlines the significant impact on the development of the audit profession by the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in 2002. As the profession continues to evolve, IT auditing has become a segment of the auditing profession that involves attesting to automated controls and compliance with the legal and regulatory environment. The audit profession also contributes to the strengthening of the corporate governance regime within publicly traded business entities. The huge responsibilities of the modern auditor calls for technical competencies and training. Using peer-reviewed articles as a basis of the discussions, this current paper posits that IT is ubiquitous in every business, and the successful implementation and effective management of the IT audit function calls for a thorough understanding of the legal environment.

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Northcentral University’s course number CIS7006-8 called ‘Foundations of Computer Network Auditing,’ is a Doctoral level course at the School of Business and Technolgy. The course covers the audit profession with particular references to the internal auditor (IA) and the IT auditor. CIS7006-8 outlines IT audits and control, IT governance, the IT legal environment, and IT risks. Additionally, the course involves the discussion of the significance of the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in 2002, in response to failures in corporate governance in several multinational organizations, including Enron, WorldCom, HealthSouth, and Tyco (Schneider, & Bruton, 2007). The SOX Act imposes systems and disclosure requirements on companies, their directors, and both internal and external auditors of public companies. The passage of SOX was a paradigm shift that strengthens the internal auditor (IA) role in corporate governance (Senft, Gallegos, & Davis, 2013). The legislation also provides additional opportunities to the auditing profession because of the need to comply with specific and complex regulations.
This paper will evaluate the concepts outlined in course number CIS7006-8, and it will assess the importance of IT auditing in the modern world of business. Additionally, this paper will analyze some of the risks associated with IT audits, and will explain how organizations may implement control measures to ensure that they comply with a plethora of legal and regulatory requirements. This paper provides a justification of the importance of implementing controls to allow successful governance of the organizations, and assesses the overall course.
Course Concepts-an Evaluation
Foundations of Computer Network Auditing, is a Doctoral level course that introduces the learners to the auditing profession. The course gives special...

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