Signers Of The Declaration Was Written By Katherine And John Bakeless.

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The book Signers of the Declaration was written by Katherine and John Bakeless. Both Katherine and John both wanted people to know the truth behide the Signers of Declaration. The singers of Declaration have surprising history of the events that which has happen to singers who signing of the Declaration. Also it has solid background information on events and which also describes who was the singers were.
The signers of the Declaration risk their lives to change the ways of living, and to give freedom so that everyone is created equal. The book singers Declaration describes the risk they took when signing the Declaration and the trouble that came after doing so.
Some of the facts Katherine and John Bakeless talked about for example is when the Declaration of Independence’s was created, which was created in July 4th 1776. Also another fact that was mention was, that there was something written on the back of the Declaration of Independence’s, which was written The Original Declaration of Independence’s and the dated on back of it (87). Monitory of the facts and information Bakeless talked about came from was primary sources and Scholarly journals.
The signers who signed the Declaration are Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman. Although there were other people who signed the Declaration Thomas Jefferson is often called the “author” because he stated most of the ideas (99).
Each of the singers wanted everyone to be able to live life in Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Also to be able to be safe in their own country to be able to have to freedom to say what they wanted “freedom of Speech”.
Each singer wanted to their voice to heard and change the way things were, to have a better life. Even though singers wanted that, they had a price to pay. The price they had paid signing the Deceleration, is that three signers were captured by the British as traitors and tortured before they died (105). The three signers’ that was captured and killed was Andrew Walton, and Richard Stockton and Michael Rutledge (110). The reason is they signed the Deceleration. Also there were twelve signers’ had their homes broken in to and burned. There were 56 that fought and died of wounds of the Revolutionary War (115).
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