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Importance Of Communication Systems In An Organization

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Establishing and developing an efficient communication system is very important for any organization since it helps to communicate vital messages effectively throughout an organization. Usually it is the responsibility of a manager to implement a proper communication system in an organization. For an organization, having a superior communication will assist them in quality functioning in the planning, systematizing, leading and monitoring; in addition, the communication acts as groundwork to the planning process. The quality communication also helps manager to concentrate on their work and responsibility in an organization. Being in charge, managers do need to communicate with their subordinates on daily basis for guidance and to remind them their duties and responsibilities. However, in absence of quality communication the managers won’t be able to spread the information and that would make an impact on the performance of the employees, as they would not know the things they were supposed to do. Therefore, without a doubt communication has been the focal point for any business operation activities.

There are numerous reasons why it is essential to have an effective communication for organizations and some of the vital reasons are listed below:

• Effective communication helps decision makers by gathering and providing the information to the right person on right time.
• Communication performs as a motivator to the employees by notifying the employees about the job task, process of carrying and how it could be done better.
• Better communication will help in carrying the information to specific individual based on the organization needs and this would make employees feel that their opinions are appreciated along with them.
• Monitoring the flow of information in the organization is completely based on the how effective the communication system is; in presence of proper path of communication the information will be distributed depending upon the need of the members. In some cases, the complete information cannot be distributed to all the members but only to few selected and with advanced communication techniques that can be easily carried. This also brings positive mindset in the employee’s attitude letting them know who’s the boss and how things are done around. With strong communication foundation employees and managers can constantly communicate and help employees solve the problems when arises.
• Communication is one of the most efficient ways to get socialized. People will get to know one another (co-worker) and develop a healthy relationship that would actually influence them to perform better rather than living in lonely atmosphere. So basically communication establishes socialization and advanced technology just enhanced the level of communication.

For better functioning and successful future an organization must have an effective form of communication, therefore organizations should focus on developing and establishing...

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