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Many people mistakenly think that selling and marketing are the same - they aren't. You might already know that the marketing process is broad and includes all of the following:Discovering what product, service or idea customers want.Producing a product with the appropriate features and quality.Pricing the product correctly.Promoting the product; spreading the word about why customers should buy it.Selling and delivering the product into the hands of the customer.Selling is one activity of the entire marketing process.Selling is the act of persuading or influencing a customer to buy (actually exchange something of value for) a product or service.Marketing activities support sales efforts. Actually, they are usually the most significant force in stimulating sales. Oftentimes, marketing activities (like the production of marketing materials and catchy packaging) must occur before a sale can be made; they sometimes follow the sale as well, to pave the way for future sales and referrals.What is the difference between marketing and sales?Let's think about this question for a moment. Without marketing you would not have prospects or leads to follow up with, but yet without a good sales technique and strategy your closing rate may depress you.Marketing is everything that you do to reach and persuade prospects. The sales process is everything that you do to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract. Both are necessities to the success of a business. You cannot do without either process. By strategically combining both efforts you will experience a successful amount of business growth. However, by the same token if the efforts are unbalanced it can detour your growth.Your marketing will consists of the measures you use to reach and persuade your prospects that you are the company for them. It's the message that prepares the prospect for the sales. It consists of advertising, public...

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This essay covers the following aspects of services marketing: -Importance of marketing of services -Why is service is difficult to manage compared to physical goods?

1492 words - 6 pages . 'RELATIVE IMPORTANCE OF SERVICE QUALITY DIMENSIONS: A MULTISECTORAL STUDY'. Journal of Services Research. Vol. 4 (Iss. 1), p. 93, (online ProQuest)10.Gronroos, Christian., Gronroos, Christian.1984. 'A Service Quality Model and Its Marketing Implications'. European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 18 (Iss. 4), p. 36, (online ProQuest)11.Gronroos, Christian., Gronroos, Christian.1984. 'A Service Quality Model and Its Marketing Implications'. European

Through the case study of Kiwi Insurance to clarify the importance of relationship marketing for an organisation.

1869 words - 7 pages IntroductionIn recent years, an increasing number of firms have recognized the importance of establishing and maintaining relationship with their customers. Many of them have begun to change their emphasis from transactions toward long-term and mutually beneficial exchange relationships. People prefer to call it "relationship marketing" which is "based on talking with consumers, listening to them, learning their wants and catering to them

Discuss and evaluate the importance of perception and memory and learning at each stage of the consumption process for marketing managers' understanding of consumer behaviour.

2475 words - 10 pages In this essay I am going to look at two separate but related individual determinants that influence a consumer's buying habits. As I will show, it is imperative that the marketing manager understands these and other determinants so that he or she can target their product and create a positive image that will increase the success of their product.In advertising, marketers must highlight the best points of their products and attempt to show why

Discuss the importance of PLC as a stratagic tool for marketing manager

739 words - 3 pages Training a cost or an investment? Critically analyse.According to Edwin B. Flippo, "Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job." Another definition of training is: "It is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies and it has for goal to improve one's

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2481 words - 10 pages marketing is whether relationship marketing is the sole answer for marketing firms. Relationship marketing is definitely more suited to current marketing strategies, however it is not the only strategy. The shift from the marketing mix and the 4 P's may not be a direct shift to relationship marketing, but rather a shift to a number of marketing concepts.Application to the industryIn bringing consumers value, speed if often of primary importance. The

Peanut butter.

6836 words - 27 pages start, the paramount importance of consumption has been fundamental to marketing thought . Moreover, throughout the history of marketing during this century, and the development of marketing thought, interest not only in consumption but in consumers has continually increased. According to economic determinism, there are explanations of the evolution of social and economic order:1. The biological,2. The technological,3. The astrologicalDo men make

Defining Marketing Paper

1097 words - 4 pages definition of marketing. This paper will cover a personal definition of marketing along with definitions of marketing from two additional sources. In relations to the definitions provided, the importance of marketing and how the functions correspond in an organization will also be discussed. Finally, three examples from the business world will be provided in order to support explanations of the functions of marketing.Definitions of MarketingMarketing


891 words - 4 pages Define MarketingDefining marketing is not an easy task. My first thoughts of marketing were to define it as selling something to someone else or advertising a product to a consumer. It is true that advertising is a part of marketing and effective marketing leads to successful transfers of goods or services. This paper will present several different definitions of marketing. Based on these definitions the importance of marketing in organizational

Defining Marketing

1294 words - 5 pages Marketing is more than promoting and selling a product, the primary concern or objective of marketing is to identify and satisfy, or exceed the changing needs of customers (DHM Solutions, 2006). In the following paper, I will explain my personal definition along with definitions from two different sources. Based on the definitions provided, I will explain the importance of marketing in organization success. In addition, three examples of

Defining Marketing

525 words - 2 pages PAGE 3 Defining MarketingMKT/421November 14, 2006In the world of business, marketing plays a significant role within an organization. Depending on the types of services offered and work performed, marketing can attribute to much success for any given business. The purpose of this paper is to define the term marketing, and explain the overall importance marketing plays within an organization.I believe that marketing consists of the general

Essay topic: Shareholder value provides a comprehensive framework for evaluating strategic and tactical marketing decisions

1741 words - 7 pages assesses the managers' ability by evaluating marketing activities. Its process followed the principle of finance, emphasize the importance of the financial drivers, and have a direct economic returns relate to the shareholders, that is, dividends and the company's share price raise. Shareholder value framework for the marketing activities is providing a comprehensive approach, which is used accounting measure, with the rights and interests of the

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Importance Of Marketing Essay

3276 words - 13 pages advantage to attract new business and grow their market share. As stressed by Chlomoudis, Dimas and Pantouvakis (2010), the strategic planning of ports includes port marketing, which is of major importance because of its responsiveness to the continuously changing needs of the new free market and which is the linchpin between the internal and external environments of the port business. Marketing enable firms to conduct SWOT analysis both internally

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2139 words - 9 pages problem with global brand if there is a problem in one country there could be a repercussion for the brand. Importance of branding 3 Brand Loyalty Brand loyalty is when a customer is committed and buys repeatedly the same brand. Brand loyalty only exist when customers have a high relative attitude toward the brand which a customer exhibits repurchasing behavior. Brand loyal consumers cut the marketing costs of the firm as the costs of

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1564 words - 6 pages . (2004) "Relative Importance of Service Quality Dimensions: A Multisectoral Study" Journal of Services Research, Vol. 4, No.1, Apr -Sep.Baron, S., Harris, K. (2003) "Services Marketing: Texts and Cases" 2nd Ed., New York: Palgrave macmillan. Accessed on March 27, 2012, from, C.H., Patterson, P.G. & Walker, R.H (2007) "Services Marketing: An Asia-Pacific and

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