Significance Of Total Productive Maintenance In Manufacturing Industries

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Significance of Total Productive Maintenance in Manufacturing Industries
The process of globalization becoming popular in today’s manufacturing markets is one of the major forces influencing on an organization’s business. In order to stay in the race, it is necessary for organizations to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their production methods. Efficiency and effectiveness of equipment play a major role in modern manufacturing industry to determine the performance of the organizational production improvement along with the level of success achieved in the organization. Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a methodology that aims to increase the availability of existing equipment hence reducing the need for further capital investment. TPM is mostly known as total productive maintenance where the word total represents allover employee involvement, total number of manufacturing equipment, and total processes of the manufacturing system. Productive means generating and getting the most out of any set of inputs, and maintenance meaning the careful management and maintenance of the assets and equipment of the Factory. Today, TPM may also stand for Total Production Management and Total Perfect Management. Hence, total productive maintenance is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production.
According to Baluch, Abdullah, and Mohtar, (2012), TPM has its origins at Nippondenso, a subsidiary of the Toyota Motors Company in the late 1960’s. By the early ‘70’s, it had become popular throughout Toyota Motors and subsequently formed the backbone of the famous Toyota Production System. In addition, researchers also mention that, the Toyota Production System is a terminology to describe the structured and consistent manner in which Toyota manages, maintains and improves on its production activities. Furthermore, the Production System is the knowledge bank of a company’s manufacturing know-how captured in a permanent yet daily deployable form to build quality and productivity into most of the operations (p. 851). Hence, to improve all over efficiency of plant TPM can be applied anywhere were manufacturing of product are done at mass basis like automobile industries, ceramic refectories, food industries, manufacturing units and many other industries. The main significance of TPM is that, it gives emphasizes on proactive and preventive maintenance to maximize an overall operational efficiency of plant, improve total quality of product, and improve productivity.
The main significance of TPM is that, it improves productivity by eliminating speed losses, minor stoppages, and idling of product during manufacturing cycle. Productivity is mostly defined as the ratio of output over input. Where, outputs are the products which company produces or services provides, while inputs are those resources like energy, labor, equipment, and materials to produce the final product. To improve that ratio and...

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