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I was born in the island of Haiti. When I was the age of six my father and I took a flight to the United States to live. We lived in Brooklyn New York; It was my dad, my aunt and me in a one bedroom apartment. I don’t remember me getting on the flight to the U.S, but I do remember how cold it was. I remember seeing all of the buildings and lights around me.
There’s a lot that I remember about that first year in a U.S. I had a little bit of culture shock because Culture shock can arise when a person's is unfamiliarity with local customs, language and acceptable behavior, since norms can vary significantly across cultures. I learn that people had different ways of solving the same challenges. ...view middle of the document...

Kendra Cherry (2012) stated that the definition for Operant conditioning is “Operant conditioning (sometimes referred to as instrumental conditioning) is a method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior”.
I started speaking and acting like my friends in school by observing and learning the way they act in school, I had a head time behaving in school. I didn’t attend preschool or kindergarten when I live in Haiti so my behavior was out of hand sometimes.
I have autobiographical memory about my life. I can recall clearly me coming to the United States. According to Robert Baron and Michael Kalsher “ for most people such memory date from their third or fourth grade of life although a few people report even earlier memories”(2008). There’s not a lot of things that I remember at the age of five or six but I do remember some these episodes that I talk about in this paper. But as we begin to age it get’s much harder to retrieve memories.

Researchers believe as you age you lose a lot of your major cell in a small area in front of your brain. “ called...

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