Significant Causes Of The U.S Civil War, Compromise Of 1877, Key Terms And People

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1.Significant causes of the U.S Civil WaroSlavery was a growing moral issue in the north, versus its defense and expansion in the southoConstitutional disputes over the nature of the federal Union and state rightsoEconomic differences between the industrialized north and the agricultural south over such issues as tariffs, banking and internal improvementsoPolitical blunder and extremism2.Key People in the Union and the ConfederacyoLee: Commanding the Army of N. Virginia, he took the offensive in the 7 Days Battle and beat the Union army at the 2nd battle of Bull Run. Lee repulsed Union advances at the battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville and Grant's assaults in the Wilderness Campaign. Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomatox Courthouse.oJackson: At the 1st battle of Bull Run Jackson earned his nick name when he and his brigade stood "like a stone wall." Serving under Lee, Jackson flanked the Union army to set up the Confederate victory at the second battle of Bull Run. At Chancellorsville Jackson again flanked the Union army but was mortally wounded by his own troops.oGrant: In 1862 he captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson in Tennessee, barely escaped defeat at the Battle of Shiloh and ended Confederate control of the Mississippi in Vicksburg. Commanding in the West, he thoroughly defeated Bragg at Chattanooga. He directed the Union army in the Wilderness Campaign and he received Lee's surrender.oMcClellan: He was criticized for overcaution in the unsuccessful Peninsular Campaign and removed from command. Called on again in 1862, he checked Lee in the Antietam Campaign, but he allowed the Confederates to withdraw across the Potomac and was again removed. He would run for president in 1864.oSherman: He fought in the Vicksburg and Chatanooga campaigns and ge undertook the Atlanta Campaign. He burned Atlanta and set off, with a force of 60,000, on his famous march to the sea, devastating the country. After capturing Savannah, he turned north through S. Carolina, and received the surrender of General Johnston.oMeade: He made himself known in 1862 at Seven Days Battle and the battles of Bull Run, Antietam, and later at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. He commanded of the Army of the Potomac from 1863, and won the battle of Gettysburg, but he was criticized for not following up his victory.3.What did "War Democrats" and the Copperheads have in common? Difference?oCopperheads were Northerners who sympathized with the South during the Civil War just as War Democrats were. The term Copperheads was also used to label all Democratic opponents of Lincoln. The group was led by Clement L. Vallandigham and was especially strong in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.4.What Border States did Lincoln do everything he could to keep in the union after Fort Sumter?oDelaware, Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky5.Anaconda Plan: The Anaconda Plan was a Union strategy in the Civil War calling for the establishment of a naval blockade around the...

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1502 words - 6 pages father against son. Over 618,000 people died during the four years of this war. What caused these years of severe bloodshed? What could have brought about such bitter fighting? The main cause of the Civil War was the question of slavery and whether or not states should be able to decide if they would allow slavery for themselves. From the foundation of the United States of America, wealthy men had owned slaves. The economy of the southern

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1226 words - 5 pages of the brutal whipping against Senator Sumner by Representative Preston Brooks, which was over this issue of Kansas. The act was the trigger and one of the biggest events that occurred, which can be listed as a cause for the Civil War. What made it particularly significant was that the violence that ensued set a precedent for both sides that fighting for what they believe was preferable, as opposed to a compromise. This act heavily favored the

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920 words - 4 pages , disgusted and defiant.The issue of whether new states would be slave states or free states was another build up to the Civil War. The Compromise of 1850 was the annexation of Texas to the United States and the gain of new territory by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo at the close of the Mexican War (1848) aggravated the hostility between North and South concerning the question of the extension of slavery into the territories. The antislavery forces

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943 words - 4 pages the use of slaves while also keeping their reign on the cotton industry.The political issues that were a part of the cause of the Civil War revolved around matters that involved territorial subjects and slavery acts. In 1820, the Missouri Compromise was worked out and gained congressional approval. Missouri was to be admitted as a slave state, and Maine would enter the union as a free state. The compromise also prohibited slavery in other American

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763 words - 4 pages Causes Of The Civil War "Let me tell you what is coming. After the sacrifice of countless millions of treasure and hundreds of thousands of lives you may win Southern independence, but I doubt it. The North is determined to preserve this Union. They are not a fiery, impulsive people as you are, for they live in colder climates. But when they begin to move in a given direction, they move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty

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1164 words - 5 pages The civil war marked the end of the old ways of America and the confederacy, while deciding the fate of all those who have thrived and suffered throughout its early beginnings. These effects of the war are a direct relation to the causes of it. These causes, which will be discussed in this paper, are: the disagreements of slavery, the economic divisions between the North and the South, and the political divisions between the northern states and

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1812 words - 8 pages number of 75,000, to suppress said combination and execute the laws." +* The war had begun. Ultimately it is apparent that there were several causes leading to the Civil War, which arguably was the greatest and most gripping chapter in American History, not just the singular issue of slavery. Fundamental social and economic differences that inescapably developed early on between the industrial North and the agricultural South were the foundation

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1311 words - 6 pages compromise was a factor for the civil war because the North was still against the expansion of slavery. Southern citizens also opposed it because it allowed Congress to make laws regarding slavery. These arguments over slavery would still continue even though the states were balanced. Later on, the Kansas- Nebraska act repealed this compromise as it allowed popular sovereignty to decide whether Kansas and Nebraska (both above the 36 30’ line) would be

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740 words - 3 pages In 1861, most of the nation's thirty-one million people lived in peace on farms and in small towns. Later on, they found this peace and trust in each other to be false, because the summer of 1861 brought on the most disturbing war America has ever faced, The Civil War. The Civil War was fought in more than 10,000 places, from New Mexico, to Vermont. Over three million Americans fought in this war, and nearly 600 thousand men, 2 percent of

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726 words - 3 pages      Did you know America’s bloodiest battle fought on their own soil was the Civil War? The Civil War was fought on American soil between the northern states and the southern states. Many causes provoked the war, which would affect the nation for decades to come. Slavery, the Missouri Compromise, and John Brown’s attack on Harpers Ferry, Virginia, were some of the many causes. In turn hundreds of thousands of soldiers