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The joy of laughter is all around us/everywhere nowadays. From the front page of to the lecture of my college classes. Humor have it’s way into sneaking into our lives no matter where we head. But what is humor, and why do we laugh at the thing we laugh at. According to John Morreal laughter is a cause by the sudden change to happiness or greatness “Laughter result from a pleasant Pscyological shift Morreall (249)”. Morreall states that this theory applies to nearly all laughter. It does not matter what age nor situation somebody is in, this theory applies to it all. For example, he states that a baby laugh at a game of peekaboo because the baby feels the sudden change of somebody disappearing and reappearing.But the baby will only feel this joy of sudden shift by the presence reappearing. The baby will feel despair if the shift have gone another direction and the pleasant presence does not appear. I do agree with Morreall theory of laughter that laughter mostly result from a pleasant physiological shift.
Morreal other reason for laughter is being forced into it by a social situation. “ But the muscle involved in laughing are voluntary muscle, and so can laughter be perform as an action of independently of our being in any particular situation, Morreall (252)” Most of us can relate to this theory. We have all been in a situation where have to laugh because it was appropriate. For example when a famous comedian came perform at my college. Even though I did not find his act funny . I had to laugh because everybody around me was laughing. I did not want to be the person with a neutral expression on his face while everybody was having a good time laughing. So I force myself to laugh because it was appropriate in that situation.
The relief theory explain by Spencer in the In “The Physiology of Laughter” greatly supports Moreall theory of laughter. Spencer says that “nervous excitation always tends to beget muscular motion. Spencer”. This muscular motion being laughter. The buildup and release of muscular energy can be associated with the pleasant psychological shift stated by Moreal. For example, one of Moreale explain of the pumpkin or cougar in the shower situation.” If I opened my bathroom door to find a pumpkin in the bathtub, for example, I would probably laugh. But if I found a cougar in the tub, I would not laugh.” Both situations involve incongruity, but one would not find the second pleasant if it gave rise to fear. Morreall (254)” The laughter that result from this situation is given off because of nervous build up. The person in this situation is nervous because he either does not know what's behind the shower curtain at first or just his nervous energy he had at that time. But either or, finding a pumpkin behind the shower results in laughter because of his sudden cognitive shift of nervousness to pleasantly surprised. By laughing, the person in this situation was able to laugh off his nervous energy through the...

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