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Sikhism And Catholicism: Origins, Development And Modernism

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Sikhism and Christianity are two very popular religions in the world today that are practiced by millions. They each have their own origins, beliefs and practices that are custom to their own religions, and some that are shared by other religions. Each religion founded by different people, Guru Nanak for Sikhism, and Jesus for Christianity, had their own upbringings, beliefs, and legacies that they left behind. Though the lives and teachings of Jesus and Guru Nanak may seem different at first though when the early lives, teachings & late lives and religions today are looked at closer, they start to resemble each other.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem just before the year 4 B.C in the small town ...view middle of the document...

While he was preaching, Jesus gathered a group of disciples to be his followers and eventually his successors. Jesus and his disciples would eventually become the core of the Catholic Church as it’s known as today. Jesus was noted to be a healer, teacher and a prophet as more healing stories are told about Jesus then any-other figure in the Jewish faith. Jesus was eventually killed for his beliefs, and this was where the disciples carried on his legacy and created the Christian faith that is practiced today. At the age of 30, Nanak had a mystical experience for 3 days, whereby he said there is not Hindus nor Muslims, which was the Sikh religion was created. With this, Guru Nanak set out with his friend Mardana to teach about 1 god which would neither be Hindu or Muslim. Guru Nanak and Mardana set out to the areas around them, as well as the holier areas that they could visit. They ended up doing this until the year 1521 when they settled down and created the first Sikh community names Kartarpur with the followers they had gathered along their travels. Guru Nanak chose one of his followers to be the successor to him, and to keep the Sikh faith moving. Through his successor, a total of 9 other gurus preached the message of Sikhism and made the religion what it is today. Both Jesus and Guru Nanak had their mystical experiences at the age of 30, and these experiences are what founded Christianity and Sikhism. Both Jesus and Guru Nanak built up a group of followers...

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