Silence Before The Screams Essay

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Who would have thought the world could change in the course of seven seconds? The cheers turned into a deadly silence, everyone dropping to the ground protecting themselves and their children. The presidential limousine speeding off, but where is it going and why? President Kennedy and Governor Connally have been shot, both fighting for their lives, but the question is who shot him, and where was it from?
November 22, 1963 Dealey Plaza, people were lining up to get a glance at President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy arrived in Dallas, Texas to deliver a speech for his reelection for Presidency. He was scheduled to arrive and say his speech, but then a terrible turn of events happened. ...view middle of the document...

A portion of Kennedy’s head is missing. The Harper Fragment is said to have been “blown off” by the sniper he was hit with. In the autopsy pictures it shows Kennedy’s wounded head, with bone and skin looking like splattered paint. Also Kennedy’s “bone flap” is missing. Kennedy was believed to have been hit with 3 out of 4 bullets.
There are many well know conspiracies, but one of the most well know if the one involving Lee Harvey Oswald. He is believed to be the lone gunman in the assassination, also linked to the “Single Bullet Theory”. The Single Bullet theory suggests that the bullet went through the right side of Kennedy’s head at an angle to the left, but manages to come back to hit Connally’s right shoulder blade. Investigators believe that four shots were fired in seven seconds, one hitting Connally, the other three hitting Kennedy. One of the other really well known theories is “The Grassy Knoll”. This theory states that Kennedy was shot with a secret gun from an umbrella. The umbrella’s color was black to mock Kennedy on an unresolved issue. When the umbrella is opened a gun is triggered, made to shoot Kennedy. The next of the many conspiracies is the CIA/Secret Service. It is believed that the CIA hired Oswald to kill Kennedy, and also that they tampered with evidence. Claims against the Secret Service say that they were inadequately prepared to protect Kennedy if a shooter comes into play. Also, that after the first non-fatal bullet was shot a Secret Service Man accidentally shot Kennedy with a gun. But the bullet from the Secret Service gun, if conspiracy is true, it would have been the fatal one. A man named Jack Ruby is a suspect too and a possible second shooter. Witnesses say Oswald and Ruby were seen attending meetings together, and that Ruby and Oswald were working for the Mafia. The conspiracy involving the mafia is called the “New Orleans Conspiracy”. The one Oswald was believed to have been working with was David Ferrie, which links him to be working with a mafia boss. People who were believed to be working in the Mafia, Guy Banister and Jack Martin, were talking about Kennedy being killed at a bar. As they were drinking and talking in which Martin replied to Banister with, “What are you going to do, kill me like you all did to Kennedy?” The one who was believed to have planned all of this was believed to have a lot of power or maybe none at all. Who do you think did it?
Lee Harvey Oswald was a man who the government always kept their eyes on. So if Oswald did do this how did he not get noticed in the process of the getting and planning all of the things he needed without the government being suspicious? There are many reasons Oswald could have shot Kennedy. One reason is because he was a self-proclaimed Marxist. A Marxist is an economic theory and practice that holds that actions and human institutions are economically determined. The class struggle is the basic agency of historical changes and that...

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