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Silence Of The Friends Essay

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In “Friendships have never been so easy – or so silent,” an editorial featured in the Globe and Mail, Judith Timson discusses the recent prevalence of virtual communication as the main mode of sustaining friendships, and examines the upsides and downsides of this phenomenon through the use of statistics, expert testimonies, and anecdotal evidence. Timson tactfully expresses concerns over the declining face-to-face bonding time shared between friends without overtly pronouncing her bias against online connecting, and superficially applauds the convenience of virtual communication while hinting at the irreplaceable importance of face-to-face bonding. Ultimately, Timson strives to instill ...view middle of the document...

Overall, the agreeable tone reinforces the rationality of Timson’s argument, and the depiction of the pervasive occurrence of “silent friendships” as a major concern successfully captures the readers’ interest.
Following her introduction regarding the issue of “silent friendships,” in a lighthearted voice, Timson brings about the disadvantages to this modern form of communication citing her personal anecdotes and beliefs. First mentioning her experience of being teased by a male friend for dwelling upon the outdated “e-mail” while the rest of the word has progressed into using text messages, and then recounting her nostalgic feelings for the phone, Timson conveys to the readers that the rapid evolution of technology contributes to mutable forms of communication and thus puts people at loose ends. Also, she utilizes the comical examples of the automatic correction feature changing her husband’s name “Mar” into a feminine name “Mary” and fixing the innocent acronym “sec” into the lustful “sex” to illustrate the potential confusion and misunderstanding that can be triggered by virtual communication. Timson then implicitly exalts the “axiomatic” method of getting together to be her most cherished mode of friendship bonding through her expression of her concerns over online communication. Together, in respect of the growing prevalence of virtual communication, Timson has clearly articulated the main concerns that would well resonate with the readers.
Shifting from a relatively pessimistic point of view, Timson turns her focus to analyzing the advantages associated with online communication, and recognizes the underlying reasons to the widespread adoption of virtual communication as the main mode of friendship bonding in an apparent endeavour to encourage the readers to consider various facets before arbitrarily rejecting this trend of modernity; however, her attack against her own points concerning the upsides of maintaining “silent friendships” arouses speculation that her compliment for “silent friendships” is actually an attempt to rebut possible counterarguments. Appealing to the lazy nature of humankind, Timson proposes that online communication saves people the hassle to dress up and make themselves presentable in public. Pursuing this further, Timson throws women’s insecurities about their appearance into the mix, suggesting that they could save the time of wearing makeup and socialize on the Internet in the confines of their homes. Following this laudation for online communication is Timson’s seemingly self-contradictory attempt to pull the readers to her side through the use of inclusive language: “Most of us would agree that silent communicating is not emotionally sustaining.” The same pattern applies to her subsequent compliments on the efficiency of online friendship management and the way offline statuses of some friends justifies our lack of connection with a person whom we are not at all...

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