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Silent Manipulation: Investigating The Influence Of Media Through I, Robot

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From the moment humans are born, they are shaped by the world around them and chances are that the media plays a huge role in shaping their identity. To the music they listen to, to fashion trends, to their beliefs, the news outlets and television shows could be held responsible. In 2004, the media had a much greater influence over American citizens because of the historical context of the time. Alex Proyas’ film I, Robot had taken advantage of the fact that people had become so easily influenced by the media. Set in the year 2035, a robotics company named US Robotics has engulfed American life to the point where every household has a robot, and citizens have become dependent on their help. ...view middle of the document...

It conveys the sense that whoever is being interrogated has to filter what they say in regards to those around them. This relates to the way that the world common people surround themselves in both suppress and manipulate them. Specifically in 2004, technology is advancing quickly; Facebook is launched, the Apple Company is growing, and social media is slowly becoming the forefront of the nation. And despite new ways for people to express themselves, the media is quickly influencing the decisions and beliefs of Americans through social media. The scene in I, Robot conveys the sense that opinions and actions can be easily suppressed by the environment in which someone is in, and can even extend to the social media that people associate themselves with on a daily basis--specifically in the sense that it begins to influence and pressure people and makes us tailor our ideologies around the beliefs associated with social media.
In addition to the technological advancements of 2004, America was in the middle of a political campaign that promised safety in the midst of the Iraq war, a war that George Bush, president at the time said that “is a war we will win” (NBC News, Par 3). Bush took advantage of the fear and paranoia that most Americans felt, and utilized it to boost his campaign. In addition, Bush’s campaign ads are focused on the military, and how the challenger at the time, Kerry, didn’t support it as much as Bush would. Bush knew that people wanted to hear that the war was going to end, and that America would have a strong leader to guide them, and through his campaigns and ads—television being his number one outlet, he was able to do so. Through I, Robot Proyas is able to criticize the media’s ability to use fear as a tool for manipulation, and does so through both the officers and Detective del Spooner. Intimidation was the key to obtain answers and almost force Sonny to speak, but at the same time, his beliefs of both himself and the world around him were suppressed simply because he wasn’t human, and according to Del Spooner, “Robots can’t have dreams” or anything resembling human emotion. Sonny represents every fearful American at the time who thought they had their own opinions, and their own beliefs, only for it to be skewed so easily by the Bush campaign and the media of their lives. Del Spooner’s pressure on Sonny is similar to the Bush administrations pressure on the common American citizen.
The media can further extend its influence through many different modes of advertisement. According to a Nielsen Newswire article on the effects of advertisement and levels of trust in 2007 and 2013, the amount of trust in advertisement has increased since 2007 in every single category listed (Nielsen, graph). This correlation can be assumed to continue to increase as time moves forward, mainly because as technology increases in the near future, people will have all the more reason to listen to the different modes of advertisements that are in...

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