Silent Screams: Cases Of Domestic Violence In The United States

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Silent Screams
This is the tenth time that Lisa has been admitted to the hospital within the past two years. At least this time there aren’t any broken bones or concussions to worry about. Lisa only has two black eyes, a patch of her beautiful long hair forcibly yanked from her head, a nasty black and blue bruise on her neck and a few nails ripped directly from the newly manicured nail beds. Lisa swore to God and her best friend Brandy that this was the final straw. Actually, she made that exact same pledge under oath just three months ago, yet she is coincidently in the same position she vowed never to return to. This time was different though. She was making plans to move her things out of the small apartment that she shared with her boyfriend the minute she was discharged from Sinai Grace Hospital, and what seem to be her home away from home. Lisa has made plans for her mom to babysit her 2 year old daughter while she searches for work, and Brandy has already told Lisa she can stay with her as long as she needed to. Yet, the very next day, Lisa calls to inform Brandy that she decided to stay with Jason despite of the awful things that he has done to her. Lisa believes that Jason has changed overnight and that he deserves a second chance, besides a child needs to be raised with both parents in the home. Unfortunately Brandy was not at all surprised by the phone call, in fact, she was expecting it. As the wave of guilt and the “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” attempts to overcome Brandy again, she quickly snapped back into reality, wiped the tears off her face and placed the white roses on Lisa’s tombstone. A story like Lisa’s usually raises the million dollar question; why do women stay in abusive relationships? Across the nation, 1,726 domestic violence programs aided 67,399 victims in a single day, according to a census performed by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (Sullivan). Women tend to stay in abusive relationships because a fear of poverty, for the sake of the children and low self-esteem issues.
Some women have totally depended on their spouse or significant other to provide for them financially. These women frequently choose to have a more “traditional” marriage, where they believe the husband should be the sole income producer and responsible for the expenditures and financial decisions for the whole household, whereas the wife should be responsible for the physical upkeep of the house and tend to the children. Nearly one-fourth of married mothers were stay-at-home moms prior to the economic recession, which began in 2007 (Schulman). Some women who choose to be stay-at-home moms also choose not to pursue any educational goals or have decided to “opt-out” their career field and eventually forget any skills learned. Thus, if an unfortunate issue of domestic violence arises, the women are too afraid to leave, not knowing how to financially take care of themselves or their children. Katy Read wrote a blog titled “Regrets of...

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