Silent Words In Art Essay

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The Magdalen with a smoking flame is an art piece that was done by George De La Tour in 1640.
De La Tour painted this work using oil and paint on a material known as canvas. This painting was
created in France then it was moved to the one of the most respected museums of the Los Angeles
county Museum of art. The size of the painting is 128cm by 94cm, by looking at this painting the
elements that were used are very noticeable the texture in this work gives it a very smooth and rough
feel at the same time. Looking at the painting Magdalen is sitting vertically in this painting and so is the
flame . The value of this art piece is stands out as we can see all the light that illuminates ...view middle of the document...

As I first looked at the image it looked like if
Magdalen was really sad and was just daydreaming and thinking of something specific. You can barely
see the expression in her face but you can still see a part of it so that the viewer can give an opinion of
the painting. With the skull in the painting you can say that the object she is holding represents death
because it symbolizes the suffering of Jesus Christ. This art piece was inspired by the repentant
Magdalen, vanity, melancholy.
Looking at the portrait of Marten Looten portrait was created by Rembrant in 1632 the size of
92.8 cm by 74.9 cm. The work of his art can be found at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
in the collection of the European paintings Rembrandt painting is painted on a wooden canvas using oil
paints. He made the work look like it can almost be a realistic human being. The painting was created in
1632 and completed in 1632. Rembrandt placed Martin Looten in the middle of the wooden canvas with
a plain background that doesn’t have anything to look at besides him. One thing that caught my
attention was the fact that he is looking directly at the viewer and has no expression in his face. One
small detail that you can see is that he looks like he could be mad or confident. He is wearing a very
large long black coat and is also wearing a big black hat. It looks like if he was reading an important
paper and was asked to take a picture and as if he wasn’t finished saying when he was speaking. As I
took note of this art work at the museum I really like the...

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