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Silicon Valley Technology Review

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Silicon Valley Technologies, a simulation of a technology based corporation, gathered their top twenty managers for an off site management meeting. The top management teams included The President, Director of Special Projects, three Vice Presidents, eight Directors and seven Managers. The purpose of this simulation was to handle diverse problems within Silicon Valley Technologies with all the real life complexities that arise when running an organization.My position was as the Director of Special Projects and I was part of Group VI. All the members of my team and I had one hour to collect and read all the information provided by the individuals who coordinated the simulated project. The next two and one half hours were dedicated to finding all "relevant" members of the team, gathering as much information as possible, and presenting the results to the President so he or she could make a company presentation. The presentation dealt with what our team considered to be the most important issues that facing the productivity and successful performance of Silicon Valley Technologies in the future.Communication While part of the Silicon Valley Technologies simulation, I found that our team experienced many interpersonal communication problems that challenged the effectiveness of our productivity.Communications is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as "The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior." By definition, then, communication necessarily involves one's self-concept, feelings about and perceptions of others, and emotions surrounding the subject being discussed. Among the most significant areas that negatively affected our team were: 1. Levels of exchange between speakers and listeners · Feelings about subject matter · Subject matter · Feelings about one another · Feelings about self 2. Trust and dealing with blind spots 1 The levels of exchange within our group were initially a problem because of the foreign nature of the information provided to individuals about Silicon Valley Technologies. Our group had only one hour to read and utilize information so that we could make major decisions about the future goals and actions of the company. We felt the amount of time we had to study the information and prepare a strategic company plan was not realistic. The information, which was not easily absorbed, created blind spots and inhibited our team from forming a solid analysis of the company's problems in order to ensure future growth.My feelings about the subject matter were very confusing especially regarding when and where I was going to conduct informational and organizational meetings with all the members of my team. It was difficult to prioritize what was truly the most important issue. The members of our team felt very uncomfortable, similar to how they might feel working the first day on a new job. We all had similar confused feelings about the subject matter,...

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