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  Undergraduate students, who currently graduate from high school always complain about the heavy work they are facing in the university. They also find the time they have is too short to have a enjoyable university life. However the biggest cause of this issue is they could not manage their time well. To solve this issue, both York University and University of Guelph gives some tips and advices about the time management. Because of two university has same topic, there always have similarity. However the tips were wrote by two different school, therefore it has some difference in focus point.
  In the introduction of the tips, both two universities mention about the time management can also be assumed as “self-management”, which define by University of Guelph as “we manage ourselves the most of time.”(2013) According to York university (Dr. Robert A Kennedy, 2012) defined self-management as a skill to working smart instead of hard and help user to be succeed. Another similarity in the introductions is they also believe that working hard does not always comes out the same value output. Therefore students needs to work smart instead of work hard.
  Although there are many similarity in the introduction, there still has some difference between two articles. Compare with University of Guelph, York University is more focus on the mount of the time in each term and give enterally number of hour of a term, week and days (Dr. Robert A Kennedy, 2012), which can shows how limited the time is. Meanwhile,University of Guelph pays more attention on the challenges that students will facing and tries to help them to understand the reason of each challenge. For example
  “Despite its importance in university and beyond, many high schools don't formally address time 
  management; so many students arrive at university knowing little, if anything, about it. Consider 
  the notion that the only difference between a high school student and an entering university ...

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