Similar Values Of Native Amercians And Puritans

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Values are defined as the importance or preciousness of something. A long time ago, around the early 16 century the puritans came to the America they live with the Native Americans and had a set of values they both believed in and lived by. One may not expect to find many similarities between both of these groups, but there are many. The Native Americans were not very different than the Puritans. Native Americans valued many things like religion, family, and the concept of things being balanced. Specifically, they strongly appreciated their family. Puritans similar to the Native Americans, the Puritans were more civilized and valued family, life, religion.
Native Americans strongly believed that family and religion were very valuable, but they truly believed that there had to be a balance in life itself. For example, in the poem “Song of The Sky Loom” it describes family and life, how much they respect the sky and the earth because they feel as if they were like a mom and a dad. It says “Oh our Mother the Earth, oh our Father the Sky!”(34) Another reason why Native Americans valued their families was because they believed in respecting each other.
Puritans had many different beliefs and values, one of them was religion. Religion had a powerful impact on Puritans lives. Many Puritan people had faith in a supreme being, God, and the teachings of his Divine Son, Jesus Christ. They’d assume that if you weren’t a good Christian they would suffer in hell, but if you were one would be saved by god. An example would be in the sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” the speaker strongly describes about how being a bad Christian...

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