Similarities And Differences Between Lives Of Muhammad And Jesus World Religions Research Paper

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Jesus and Muhammad established the two largest religions in the world. Based on a research in 2010, 31.5% of the world population are Christians and 23.2% are Muslims.[footnoteRef:1] although the population of unaffiliated people is growing much faster than Islam or Christianity, Muhammad's and Jesus' words has been used for the foundation of cultures and you can still see the effect of them on people's everyday life. Islam was introduced to the world by Muhammad around six hundred years after Christianity. I find it interesting that Muhammad and Jesus had some similarities and differences Jwhich have made a great influence on our world. In this research, we will look at the Muhammad's and Jesus's early stages of life and point out some of their similarities and differences. [1: Curran, p.16 ]

Muhammad's early life has been mostly written by four early Muslim historians; Mu?ammad ibn Is??q (d. c. 767), Mu?ammad ibn ?a?d (d. c. 845), Ab? Ja?far al-?abar? (d. c. 923), and Mu?ammad ibn ?Umar al-Waq?d? (d. c. 820) around and after 150 years of Muhammad's death. [footnoteRef:2] Ab? ??lib, his uncle, raised Muhammad since he was an orphan. By the time he was twenty five, he became a merchant. Merchant is a person who leads the trading caravans. Khad?jah bint Khuwaylid, well-known businesswoman at that time, hired Muhammad to take some of her merchandise to Syria. But after a while, Khadijah proposed marriage to Muhammad, who was almost 20 years younger than her. We can conclude that Muhammad was probably very handsome and had a good impression, because Khadijah was very powerful at that time. A very noticeable point at Muhammad's life before becoming a prophet, was the lack of a prophet with a book as the god's message among Arabs. Christians and Jews would refer to Arabs as people who were "left out of divine plan", as Armstrong stated.[footnoteRef:3] This would have probably been a good motivation for Muhammad to find a religion for Arabs in that time. [2: Armstrong,pg.6220 ] [3: Armstrong,pg.6221]

On 17 Ramadan 610, Muhammad felt that he is overwhelmed when he was praying and fasting in the mount Hira. It was at that time which he heard the first messages of god. But he shared this secret only with his wife Khadijah and her cousin. In 612 Muhammad started perching in Mecca until his death which was on 632.[footnoteRef:4] [4: Armstrong,pg.6223-6224]

Jesus of Nazareth was born no later than 4.B.C. [footnoteRef:5]According to Curran, there are not many stories about Jesus' life and our main sources are the New Testament gospels. [footnoteRef:6] As it is in the gospel of Luke and Matthew, Jesus was born in Nazareth in Galilee.[footnoteRef:7] But most of the early life of Jesus is a mystery. Jesus was in the desert for a while and he followed his feeling that divine was calling him. He started preaching when he returned from the desert. He had 12 important...

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