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Similarities And Differences Between Organized Crime And Terrorism Pace University Organized Crime Research Paper

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Nick Hannon
Organized crime
Prof. O’Sullivan
Similarities & Differences between Organized Crime and terrorism
Terrorism is the greatest threat to our generation. In the last few years however, another great problem has come up, Organized crime. This type of group has a new way of committing their crime, making it another huge threat. In trying to determine the relationships between organized crime groups and terrorist organizations, it is essential to identify the main similarities and differences. One commonality is that they should both be treated as a huge threat to society. The definition of organized crime is a very debatable term. Organized crime is mostly concentrated on gaining an economic profit, material items and obtaining as much of an illegal market share as possible. They get to these means by the execution of some serious crimes such as drug trafficking, gambling, fraud, and violence. Terrorism on the other hand, is strictly motivated by an ideological view and by a need for political change. They commit crimes with heavy violence such as hijacking, bombing and other indiscriminately acts, anything they can to cause damage and gain attention for their cause.
The structure of major criminal networks is a hierarchy usually enforced by a high level of discipline, closed membership, secrecy, compartmentalization, and the major use of intimidation and violence. Leaders usually have extensive political and economic contacts. There are different people used for economic issues, banking, security, and counter-intelligence. Unlike organized crime groups terrorist organizations generally have a central leader, mid-level cadres, and recruits who constantly engage in training and indoctrination. For a terrorist group to become successful, it must be supported by an ethnic, religious, or political base that is sympathetic to its cause. Terrorist groups also use small cells of members to accomplish goals. These organizations really only need support from people to gain manpower to become strong enough to execute attacks. When we consider organizations, we tend to consider the hierarchical, bureaucratic structures listed above like the police or military. Various terror associations have organized themselves after militaries and have embraced strict lines of authority based on their rank, common examples are the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA), the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The Colombian Medellin and Cali cartels, which were overwhelming amid the 1980s, are regularly depicted in comparative terms. Indeed, most, if not all, generally substantial terror and criminal associations have assigned leaders. However, gatherings of the two groups have received less formal, more advanced system structures which challenge simple characterization and take into account huge self-sufficiency among lower and mid-level agents
Both terrorism and...

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