Similarities And Differences Between Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? And The Weakest Link

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Similarities and Differences Between Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? And The Weakest Link

There are both similarities and differences between the two quiz
shoes, they both have the basic format of a quiz show, the entertain,
excite and amuse us which is a very basic formula for any good
television program, however, they are dissimilar in many other ways.

The similarities between 'Millionaire' and 'Weakest Link' could be
found in most quiz shows they cover such things as the colourful,
spacious sets; the centre stage for playing; the live audience and
their positioning; flashing lights; electronic screens and last but
not least the presenter. Conversely the similarities are just through
the content, it is the way that 'Millionaire' and 'Weakest Link'
comprise these ingredients that give them their individuality.

This begins with the opening sequence, 'Millionaire' opens with
darkness, out of that darkness a bright light is drawn in the shape of
a question mark, this symbolises the question 'Who wants to be a
millionaire?' this is shortly followed by a pan of a broad range of
people, from all races and backgrounds, illustrating the fact that it
could be anyone becoming the 'Millionaire'! The people are edging
towards a bright light, this may or may not have a religious link - I
can't be sure. The people then just continue to edge forward while
green and purple lasers sweep around and result in constructing the
'Millionaire' logo background, the reason for this is to firstly show
you the colours of the show, green symbolising the money and purple
representing royalty - how you could be treated if you won money. The
second reason for the impressive light display is to draw your eyes to
the bright light where the background has just been created, this has
the function of once again drawing your eye to the front of the people
because moments later the main part of the logo sweeps over their to
produce the finished article. This is all accompanied by a futuristic
sound track of not what I would call music but the 'Millionaire' tune,
a suspense creating, metallic synthesised soundtrack concluded by a
louder sound that can only be described as a unique 'ta-da' like

'Weakest Link' on the other hand has a cold blue and less inviting
opening sequence, it prepares you for the type of show it is going to
be, an intimidating quick fire show. It does show the contestants but
in a different way, there is black and white, surveillance style,
footage of the contestants just relaxing in a lounge room while a
voice-over introduces the show and what you should expect including
the rules and the contestants. The soundtrack to this introduction is
dramatic chimes and atmospheric mantra. The opening sequences for
'Millionaire' and 'Weakest Link' capture the ideas behind both of the

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