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Similarities And Differences Of Hilter And Napolean

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Founder and leader of the Nazi party, who many describe to be the most insane and trouble causing man in the history of the entire world. Adolf Hitler’s goal was to make Germany the strongest country in the world, which he did, along with most of Europe. His armies of over sixteen million men were standing by his side the whole way. Although he had a large group of followers, he also had an even larger group of people who were against him. Adolf felt that if he did not remove all of the Jews from the face of the earth, he would have been seen as a failure, so he tried, and he tried, and he tried. But in the end, he failed. This then led to him believing that he was a failure, which then led to him shooting himself in the mouth.
Hitler's aggressive foreign policy is considered to be the primary cause of the outbreak of World War II in Europe. His racist thoughts resulted in the deaths of at least 5.5 million Jews, and millions of other people whom he and his followers made sure they knew that the Nazi’s were better than them.
Napoleon is often described as the most talented general of all time, but the largest impact on Europe he had was after the wars, all though he led most of France's young men to their death. Napoleon turned the whole country into an armed camp. Although he was always considered a Frenchmen, he was actually born in Corsica. His family lived in the coastal city of Ajaccio, which was where he was born on August 15, 1769. When Corsica declared independence from France in 1793, Napoleon and his family fled to France since they chose to remain faithful to France. When he joined the army, he took over the job of artillery general and succeeded in taking over important places in Europe. The same year he had been married, Napoleon was placed in command of the French army. Even though the army did not start out all that great, he used his superior military-genius to defeat the King of Sardinia and four Austrian generals. Napoleon forced them to sign the Treaty of Campo Formio, thus ending the First Coalition. The Treaty let France keep most of their conquests in northern Italy and because of this, Napoleon strengthened his position in France by sending the Directory millions of francs worth of treasure.
In 1798, Napoleon decided to invade Egypt with the plan to break British trade links with the east. But, his personal goals included expanding France to India. Although he had success, beating the Turkish army at the Pyramids battle, his fleet was beat at the Bay of Abukir, which left his army in Egypt. Because of this, he decided to invade Syria, but the British and the Turkish armies drove his troops away. At the same time, a Second Coalition was brewing back home in Europe. So, he ditched his army, and went back to France. He easily defeated the Second Coalition and completely changed the French government. His new laws were “based” on the aims of the Revolution, but at the same...

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