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Similarities Between American Puritanism And Chinese Confucianism

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American-Puritanism and Chinese -Confucianism have both played a tremendously important role in the foundation and growth of American and Chinese society respectively. But these two parallels seem to have no point of intersection. Making comparison between them is a hard and daring job. However, it is still worthwhile to study them since their irreplaceable powers have influenced two most wonderful countries in the world. And this article mainly focuses on the similarities between American-Puritanism and Chinese -Confucianism. To understand the comparison fully, it is indispensable to review what is Confucianism and what is American-Puritanism.Confucianism is a philosophy with a religious function. As a system of philosophy, its earliest principles were initiated by Confucius (551-479 B.C.) and further developed by Mencius (371-289 B.C.). It focuses on "the correct way of human existence, which presupposes an understanding of human nature, and seeks the blissful state of human perfection, that is, the union of Heaven and man." Confucian ethical teachings include the following values:Li: includes ritual, propriety, etiquetteHsiao: love within the family: love of parents for their children and of children for their parentsYi: righteousnessXin: honesty and trustworthinessJen: benevolence, humaneness towards others; the highest Confucian virtueChung: loyalty to the stateHowever, it has neither church nor clergy, no teaching on the worship of God or gods, or life after death. Confucianism is actually a philosophy of life, not a Religion. It is a "code of conduct" to live this life, and it has had a tremendous impact on how the Chinese live their lives with a great influence in Chinese government, education, and attitudes toward correct personal behavior and the individual duties to society.Puritanism: when the first settlers, quite a few of whom were puritans, left their homes in Europe for American, the totally new world, they carried with them a code of values, a point of view which is popularly known as American Puritanism. Puritanism offered theory of divine right, the right of the individual conscience and renounced a life of joy in this world in hope of an eternal joy in the world to come. In the famous Puritanism preacher John Wesley's words, the main spirits of Puritanism is sparing no efforts to earn money, to save money and to endow money.PurificationPuritanism is the practices and beliefs of the Puritans. The Puritans were originally members of a division of the Protestant Church. As the word itself hints, Puritans wanted to purify their religious beliefs and practices. They felt that the Church of England was too close to the Church of Rome in doctrine form of worship, and organization of authority. The American Puritans were idealists, believing that the church should be restored to complete "purity", they accepted the doctrine of predestination, original sin and total depravity, and limited atonement through a special infusion of grace...

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