Similarities Between High School And College

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Well attending college for half a semester now, I have found that I enjoy being a college student

more then being a high school student. Since I’ve been in college, I have seen that more freedom is

allowed to students in college than in high school. There are differences in college in such ways that

you can have a cell phone in class, walk out of class, eat in class and wear anything you want. After I

graduated from Mt. Madonna High School I held off on college for years because of certain situations

that kept me from going to college. Now at twenty five I finally was able to enroll in Gavilan College

and noticed differences including the attitudes and responsibilities of the ...view middle of the document...

However, in high school you have all your classes in the same time

frame every day of the week and are only fifty minutes long. In college, your classes might meet once,

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twice or three times a week, and be anywhere from one to three hours long. Your exams could also be

in familiar formats, such as multiple choice, or they could be essay exams in which you write your

answers in a test booklet. Also typically a school year is thirty six weeks long; some classes extend

over both semesters. Summer classes may be offered but are not used to accelerate graduation. In

college, the academic year is divided into two separate fifteen week semesters plus a week for final

exams. College courses are offered fall, spring, and summer semester classes may be used to accelerate

graduation. In high school, class attendance is usually mandatory and monitored carefully. In college,

attendance policies may vary with each instructor. Lastly, in high school the textbooks are typically

provided at little or no expense, but in college the cost of textbooks is a small fortune.

Perhaps the biggest difference between high school education and college is the responsibility

you’ll undertake as a college student. In college you are an adult, and you will be held accountable for

all of your behavior. Nobody will force you to go to class or study for your exams, and your professors

wont be nearly as willing as high school teachers. In high school, you need permission to participate in

extracurricular activities. But, in college it is your responsibility to decide whether to participate or not.

Another difference between both is the clothes the students wear. In high school students wear

uniforms. On the other hand, college students wear whatever they want. Girls in high school wear skirts

and polo shirts but college girls wear anything for example t-shirts, short pants, etc. Unlike high school,

In college boys can wear any type of shirts and pants. In high school, students wear school shoes but in

college, they use sports shoes, flip flops, converse, etc.

Unlike high school, in college the student will have to learn to manage his or her money and

provide payment for their own education rather than have it handed to them. Weather you have to work

and provide your own tuition or if...

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