Similarities Of Characters In Different Books

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Have you ever read a book from an author you have previously read a book from? Maybe, you have but did you ever think that these books may have similarities? In John Steinbeck’s writing’s The Pearl and Of Mice and Men you can find these similarities through the characters in the books. When you break down the books and make it that as the reader we only understand the bare minimum characteristics of the people in the story we can find similarities better. If you do this you will find clues that lead to the realization that their are three main groups of characters in both of these stories. The group affect the other characters in the book is the problem group which consist of Lennie and Coyotito. The next group try to help the problem characters also known as the caretakers which are George and Juana. The final group which put harm on the other characters are know as the evildoers which are Curley and Kino.
Lennie is a mentally challenged adult who has a social problem making it hard for him to get and keep a job. Coyotito is a sick baby who was bitten by a scorpion, but his family is poor and cannot afford the medical treatment. Here are the first looks we get on their problems in the books. George says,” I used to play jokes on him because he was to dumb to take care of himself” ( Mice 19). Steinbeck writes,” Kino’s hand leaped to catch the scorpion, but it fell past his fingers, and it fell on the baby’s shoulder (Pearl 5). These quotes identify the character’s problems and tell you what is wrong with them. The next characters take care of the “problem” characters in the stories.
The two caregivers of Lennie and Coyotito are George and Juana. They try protecting them from the evildoers but in the end, they both end up having a part in the death. George says, “ When his aunt Clara died, Lennie just come along with me out working, got kinda used to each other after a little while” (Mice 19). Steinbeck writes,” Juana stood up...

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