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Simple Actions Essay

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SIMPLE ACTIONS- NOT SO SIMPLEThe simplest of actions can become the starting point for the most complex poems. The simplest actions can be the trigger to a bigger event. It could be a misunderstanding of the action which complicates it or it could be just be something that always follow the simple things in life. Even something as simple as walking down the street may mean more than what is seems to mean. But it is not always about the complexity of the issue because anything can be written into a poem, regardless of the simplicity.Passage one is about death and loneliness. It is telling us the love of the person's life is long gone and never coming back. The poem tells us he is very lonely and feels that something is missing in his life through the many uses of the word 'empty'. The phrase 'Bend over with heavy heads' uses assonance to create the tone of loneliness. In the last three lines he is telling us that the path he is walking is not the same anymore because who once walked with him is not there anymore.Passage two is about the breakdown of a friendship due to different opinions. 'The Poet' from the poem canes what he thinks is not perfect. He is a man obsessed with perfection and tell us that rose is the only symbol of perfection by caning every flower that is not a rose. The phrases 'Dying, open mouthed and wonder, On the hard ground' uses personification that dramatizes the 'crime' he did. The last line 'The Poet came to a garden' suggests he is not looking around but only what is right in front of him. He is blind folded of what he thinks is perfect and does not look at the whole picture and appreciate all the little things...

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