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Simple Electric Motor Essay

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Have you ever wondered how an electric motor works? If you have wondered and never got an explanation this experiment will show you how it works. The objective of this project is to measure the rate of rotation varying in the size of the magnets. For this project I will need 4 C batteries, a permanent marker, laser tachometer, a metric ruler, scissors, a screwdriver, copper wire, wire cutters, electrical tape and Neodymium magnets. This experiment is a simple example of how nearly every electric motor works. It shows you how magnets and electricity can be used to generate movement.
There have been many people that have perfected the electric motor through time. Nikola Tesla was the first to invent the AC (alternating current) induction motor in 1888. The AC (alternating current) created magnetic poles that reversed themselves without mechanical aid, and caused the revolving part of the electromagnet to spin around the motor. The concept that Tesla used in his motors are still used today.
Electric motors rely on the force of an electromagnet, as does every electric motor. An electromagnet is created when a current flows through the copper wire. The electromagnet forms a magnetic field around the coil. A magnetic field is the area around a magnet where its force can be detected. This magnetic field causes another force which is called polarity. Polarity describes two areas (north and south poles) of the magnet were the force of the magnet is the strongest.
The movement of this motor relies completely on the flow of the current through the coil of copper wire. Almost every mechanical movement that occurs in electric motors is either AC currents or DC currents, AC meaning (alternating current) and DC meaning (direct current). To make a current flow through the wire in one direction one part of the wire must be insulated with electrical tape. If one end of the coil is not insulated the coil will not produce any polarity.
Polarity is the occurrence of a flow of a current through the copper coil becoming an electromagnet, this results in a magnetic field around the coil. The sides of the coil can have either south or north...

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