Simple Minds Essay

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Accarron entered the cool, damp chamber early to make certain lanterns were lit and plenty food and drink. He set the stack of parchment on the end of the table and took a step to look over the map and the placements of the figurines showing where the general has placed his armies about the kingdom.
"There are five armies within the king's lands, nearly ten thousand per army," the general walked into the chamber stopping at the long oak table and pointed to the map. "It will take months to clear all this land," he said letting out a sigh.
The young steward watched the general trying to get a read on what he was thinking. "Will you be using the war mages general Adal?" He started sorting ...view middle of the document...

Letting out a long sigh, his blue-grey eyes looked to the general bullying Accarron. "Shall we get on with this, the sooner the better I say," the weary king poured himself a cup of wine. "Where are the rest, no one else coming general?"
"There is no reason for anyone else to hear what your plans are mi lord, until you have given word of your decision," he said flatly. "I prefer less people know what you decide, less chance of surprises.
"I agree with the general mi lord," said the tall, skinny man while looking to the general with his weary brown eyes.
"Very well then, you have words of encouragement to give Accarron?" king Eromatus asked running his fingers through his dark brown hair.
"I have verified all the worthy information to my satisfaction," pausing to clear his throat, "nearly all the farmers are willing to give aid to the armies if they need, and most of the leaders of the cities and villages await word and will surrender once your armies reach their outskirts.
"You're telling me hundreds of thousands of people will just lay down their weapons and surrender?" The general cried. Bronze eyes stared at the king's lackey hardly able to believe that so many people would surrender just because merchant lords were robbing them blind.
"Accarron, is this true?" The kings leaned forwards a wide grin crossed over the king's lips.
The seneschal hesitated to return the smile and nodded, "yes mi lord," Accarron assured them. "They are weary of the merchants. Those foul and evil men are doing more than robbing people of their crops and crafted goods. They are attacking and killing, they're taking young woman and men, enslaving them and they are looking to you king Eromatus." The steward was nearly in tears. "You must help them mi lord, please?"
"Ah," The king shook his head, "There you have it general," he said. "All you have to do is show up and they will surrender to you. Then you can just move on." He sat on his chair waiting for Accarron to gather his emotions.
"As for old Quint Horn ...
"That is Lorn milord," said the Stewart.
"Yes, so it is," he replied calmly, "send him my proposal at once. I demand his answer within a tenday. That is plenty of time for the overweight slipshod to make up his tiny mind." Sloughing in his chair, cross a leg over the other.
"If the lord of Verktus refuses or delays long enough that your allowance of time runs out, what then?" The seneschal's voice filled with concern.
"If he refuses my offer of...

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