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Simple Travel To Europe. Essay

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Have you ever thought about traveling to Europe? You may be overwhelmed with the idea, but it is actually very simple. You can travel to Europe on any budget and in any amount of time. Once you get there, you will be amazed at the beautiful architecture, history, the marvelous food, and the friendly people who will surround you. It is almost like stepping back in time. With careful planning your trip will be a success!Having a passport is a necessity when traveling to any foreign country. It is not difficult to obtain one; you can go to your local post office to pick up and turn in the application. According to the U.S Department of State, the cost for a passport is $70 for a child 16 years of age and younger, and $85 for those over the age of 16 (U.S Department of State, 2002, August 19). You can expect to receive it in about six weeks. Once you have begun the passport process, you need to begin thinking about what kind of trip you would like to take.There are a few options on how you would like to see Europe. You may choose to go with a guided group, or you may like to be adventurous and do it alone. Traveling with a group has its advantages and disadvantages. Your itineraries, travel plans, and accommodations are decided for you, and you can see many things in a short period of time. This may not allow any flexibility. You may find yourself to be rushed and not able to venture off the beaten path, which is where you will find many of Europe's hidden treasures. I have traveled with a group, but prefer the adventure and spontaneity that traveling alone provides. You can travel at your ownpace, see what you want to see when you want to see it, and a sudden change of plans is no problem at all.It is not necessary to be fluent in every language spoken in Europe. Most people speak English there, but there will be times you will want to have your pocket translator handy. I have found that people will warm to you more if you attempt to learn and speak their language. You may feel insecure, but do not be afraid. Europeans are very warm-hearted. If you make a mistake, they will correct you and laugh with you, not at you. They will most likely ask you to teach them something in English. Therefore, even if you know they speak English, try to say a few words in their native tongue and I guarantee you will make a friend.It is very important to research your travel dates. Some towns may have open and closed periods, much like a ski resort. The entire country of Iceland goes into hibernation by the end of September. The time in which you travel could greatly affect your costs as well. Traveling between May and early September is considered to be peak tourist season. You will find your destinations over-crowded, and your accommodations over-priced. If you do not mind slightly less desirable weather, you may wish to travel between mid-September and mid-May.The majority of European countries have adopted the Euro as a common currency between the participating...

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