"Just A Game" A First Year Level Script For A 5 Minute Film Production.

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This is a script for a 5 minute film production that was done at Cape Town's CityVarsity Film School at a first year level. We weren't really concentrating on scriptwriting, mainly on camera work and lighting, but I thought people might enjoying reading this - it's a little different - I look forward to your comments!"Just a Game"A countdown timer of a watch runs down from 1 Hour, then 2 friends are sitting talking to each other - they are about to be approached by the waiter (TOMMY).A.I. Y'know my ma dude, not being arrogant or anything, but her whining blows my legs apart. It throttles my sanity's conception that paper is not anything but wood.SCOTTHmmm.....well.....to be perfectly honest, I have no freakin' idea of what you are talking about.WAITER (TOMMY)Hey guys, sorry for the delay, here your drinksWAITER (TOMMY) places the drinks on the table and stands around listening intently to the conversationA.I.Oh....yes....just to exist idolises the sense of creativeness and awareness that imagination is mere abstract intelligence.SCOTTThat's quite interesting, very intriguing, because..... abstract intelligence ignores our mainstream fixed logical view of life and the objects around us....phew! I never knew I could speak such bullshit!SCOTT wipes his forehead and scratches the back of his head in a state of disbelief on what garbage he has produced from his own mouthWAITER (TOMMY)Yes, that is quite interesting guys, but have you ever heard about the stained-glass eyes?SCOTT and AI are taken aback from the WAITER (TOMMY)'s voice as they were so enveloped in they're own saga that they did not even notice her presenceA.I.Um????....no.....what's that?WAITER (TOMMY)Here, let me sit down and explainTOMMY takes off her apron and places down the tray and sits down opposite SCOTTWAITER (TOMMY)My grandpa took me to church when I was small and were looking at the stained-glass windows and he said "TOMMY, when you look at anything in your young life, remember that your eyes are your own stained-glass windows to the world."SCOTTThat's insane! That's the most incredible comparison I have ever come across! I have fantasies about...

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