Just Another Day In The Radley's House

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Fear surges through you like a river at high water as you slowly creep up to the murky,

crumbling house that is, the Radley’s house. There are three steps lurking through the fog. You take a

deep shuddering breath and step. You step again and your fear intensifies. Maybe this was a bad idea.

You should come back when dad isn’t home. That’s right I’m a Radley. Boo Radley’s sister but that

doesn’t much matter. Slowly you open the door and it creaks. Shoot! The fear inside of you triples. You

didn’t even think that was possible.

and run past all of the clutter. Your mission is to reach the stairs to your room.

running, hollering back to him “I’m not going to put up with this garbage anymore! I. Hate. YOU!!”

feet as he charges after you. Even drunk he is super quick. You reach the stairs. As you start to ascend

them you trip, and your fate has been decided. You’re done, finished a goner. You see him barreling

down the hall smashing into things. One of those things is a picture frame your mom gave you just

before she died. Holding back tears you manage to scramble up and you try to run up the stairs again.

back. You can smell the terrible smell of vodka on his breath. You begin to cry and let out a scream. He

shakes you by the shoulders, spits in your face and then fist clenched, he sends you flying across the

hall. You land painfully, smacking against the wall before sliding down it to drop into a heap on the floor.

You clutch your left knee which had shielded you from the floor. You start to feel your eyes burning up

with tears once again. Your dad looks at you, and immediately you see that raging anger and flashing

eyes that you know so well. “You asked for it.” He says with not even a speck of concern in his voice.

gone, you pull your knees up and proceed to cry. Drying your tears away with your dirty sleeve you get

back up and limp up the stairs to your room. You go to your room and then fall asleep. When you wake

up you realize that it is almost supper time and you still have to go grab dinner. You quickly fix your hair

and makeup and head to the store. You couldn’t be late your dad was expecting you to make dinner.

You didn’t want to upset him again. Arriving home an hour later, just as scheduled, you find your dad in

his usual spot in front of the old TV with a beer in his hand.

“There you are! He slurs. Oh no! you think he’s drunk again! You swerve around him

“You better get back here by the time I count to three!” He yells. Terrified, you keep

“Get back here now!” he growls. You can hear the thunderous stampede of his

“Caught you” he says menacingly. Grabbing onto your hair he wrenches you

He storms to his room to grab his briefcase and stomps out of the house. When he’s

“Who’s there?” he barks.

“It’s just me Dad,” you say. “I brought dinner. Are perogies okay?

“I guess,” He grunts.

You set the bag of frozen perogies down on the counter amongst the clutter of dishes,


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