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Just Like In The Movies Essay

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Just Like in the Movies

As the credits began to appear and the typical end-of-movie music started to play Anne sat quietly in her chair while the tears streamed down her face. This was not a new moment for her; in fact this is how every weekend night since high school had been spent. Most people would find something wrong or sad with this, but the truth was there was no other place she’d rather be. There was comfort she found sitting bundled up with a box of tissues and popcorn in front of whatever her movie choice of the night may be.

Anne rose from the faded green chair and switched off the TV, sending the room into immediate darkness, until she flicked on the overhead light. “If that was only me,” she wondered aloud, as it was a common, almost routine question after every film for anyone who was willing to answer. The single meow of spunky, her feline companion was the only response she ever received, and tonight was no different. She shuffled her way to the kitchen to wash out the plastic popcorn bowl and glanced at the clock on the wall, 2:06 am, not a surprise. She switched off the light and headed for the bedroom with spunky close behind. Anne crawled into bed and stared at the ceiling waiting for her dreams to come carry her away.

Anne Hathaway was pretty average to anyone who never took the time to get to know her, which was just about everyone. She was one of those girls that was ugly in middle school, but became beautiful in adolescence. The only problem was she didn’t know it, as far as she was concerned she remained the ugly duckling. Which was far from reality. Anne was about two weeks shy of her twenty-third birthday and could pass for eighteen. She had soft copper hair that rested just beneath her ears, perfectly shaping her slim round face. If it was left to Anne she would describe herself as too tall, too thin, or her chest was too flat, her mouth pinched, nose too long and the list would go on and on.

A dull noise pounded in Anne’s head, pulling her out of he sleep. She reached for the alarm and noticed it was way too early to be going off. Fully awake, she realized the disturbance was coming from the hallway. Annoyed, she threw on her robe and went to the front door, now she could hear voices. She opened the door, poked her head out and saw two large men holding up a sofa.

“Where do ya want this one lady?” the man’s voice boomed. Just then the most unusually attractive women stepped out of the doorway belonging to the neighboring apartment.

“Right in the front room will be fine.” the new person replied in the most angelic voice Anne had ever heard.

Anne all of a sudden became aware of the fact that she was standing in the hallway in her robe staring at the new neighbor. Before she had a chance to sneak back into her apartment unseen, the beautiful stranger caught her...

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