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It all started not so long ago. In fact, though I can't be completely sure about it, Ithink it was only five months ago. My name is Jeff Washburn and I am a surgeon. Notthat long ago my life under went a huge change. Unfortunately a huge misfortune had totake place first. Not that long ago, I had a terrible thing happen to me. A misfortune ledto my being expelled from the hospital and my medical license being revoked. Twopatients died on me. I might have gotten away with only one but the board of directorsare good at finding patterns. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want these people to die. I justhappened to be drunk at the time. Now I drink even more just to soften the constanthangover. The hearing were probably the worst part of whole ordeal. Three weeks ofbeing put in the spotlight.Every inch of my life was put under a big magnifying glass. Every mistake I made in thelast fourteen years was read bunch of know-nothings who sit and pretend to run ahospital. The mistakes weren't very frequent, at least, not until I started to drink.I suppose you want to know the reason I started to drink. Well, I mess up bigtime during a triple bypass and killed a patient. That's when the drinking started and thedrinking lead to the death of another patient. Now I drink even more and remember evenless which means its working.About a month ago I left England, which is where I worked, and moved here to asmall fishing island off the coast of France. There is no doctor on the island so theywelcomed me, sort of. I scare them I suppose. They're afraid they might catch me whenI'm to drunk to work properly.But now things are different. About three weeks ago I had a big wake-up call.I was sitting in...

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1601 words - 6 pages Each of the authors in the three short stories, Andreas Lee's "Anthropology," Alice Walker's "Roselily," and William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" use a Southern background to show how people are ingrained to their past, and fearful of change. They each use Southern culture to show how it develops the personalities and inner feelings of the characters. Each story shows the fear and struggle of people who have made a change, or who would like to

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1498 words - 6 pages smile for the benefit of the child but actually, he finds reasons to be happy. He doesn’t accept any help from anyone because he wants to do everything on his own to get himself busy in order to be liberated of his pain. In a way he is shutting his sorrow away until he obtains the strength to deal with it and to reach his inner peace and harmony. In conclusion, R.K.Narayan, through his short novel, examines many large issues – love death

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1014 words - 4 pages In Search of Light and Finding Darkness In his short story "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" Ernest Hemingway creates the stages of his life and portrays himself as the character of the older waiter viewing a customer, the old man, slipping away into the shadows, sheltered from the light of life. Hemingway was a creative but tormented artist and if the reader spends the time with an open mind it is easy to get into, and enjoy his stories. In order

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971 words - 4 pages Reflections of Racism as Portrayed in Short Stories Racism, especially against black people, has been a tragic part of American history. It shaped the events of the past, and has molded the world in which we live in today. Not only is it evident in history, but also in the literature that we read. Novels and short stories have reflected the racism of its time.Racism is a historical fact of American life, and its early basis was the continuing

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524 words - 2 pages the complex and introverted males. Such pairs exist in The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, and Hills Like White Elephants.In "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber", Mrs. Macomber is portrayed as a cruel wife who is ashamed at her husbands cowardice. This common life circumstance is used to portray a generic, depthless character. She is understandably upset by her husbands behavior and responds to it in a spiteful

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831 words - 3 pages The usage of symbolism and irony to communicate theme is an imperative tool in short stories. These eloquent writing techniques clarify and embellish the reader’s interpretations while also keeping the story interesting and slightly mysterious. The authors of the short stories “August Heat,” “The Story of an Hour,” and “Through the Tunnel” all weave carefully constructed webs of these two techniques to assist in revealing theme to the reader

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