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2. The first four rounds of the first day of the simulation game both states were investing in their natural resources (oil fields/ diamond mines) in order to increase their capital. In round two the fisherman and environmentalists of both states decided to form an Ecological Committee. It consisted of one fisherman and one environmentalist from each state. All the decisions that had anything to do with the lake, like military actions or fishing on the lake, first had to be agreed with the committee. The first day of the Simulation Game The State of 21-23 Wise Monkeys was using the identity principle, as I assumed in the first simulation paper. They gave up their interests of fishing on the lake and instead took money from their budget to keep the fishermen of their state satisfied. The S. P. I. N. A wasn't fishing the first five rounds of as well. But they were economically much stronger than The State of the 21 Possibly 23 Wise Monkeys: S. P. I. N. A. had over 4500 euros in the bank, while the other state had about 900. As supposed, The State of the 21 Possibly 23 Wise Monkeys started to feel suppressed and were not satisfied with their position, such unhappiness could lead to a war between the twp states. Since the economical position was getting obviously unequal, the International Organizations, such as the United Nations got involved in the process of Conflict Resolution and helped the states prevent the conflict by using such strategies as peacebuilding. Therefore, they decided to put sanctions on S. P. I. N. A.'s income, lowering it by 40% each round. Also the UN created a Treaty in which States are supposed to be peaceful, and incase any state starts a war they could either get bombed or get sanctions.
On the second day of the simulation game everything completely changed and S. P. I. N. A.'s state decided to dominate over The State of 21 Possibly 23 Wise Monkeys. The State of Permanent and Inseverable Nameless Areas started a war by making an attempt to take over the enemies military base. The attempt was unsuccessful. The United Nations found the attempt violent and found that S. P. I. N. A. broke the rules of the treaty, therefore, the UN bombed State #1, but didn't succeed as well.
S. P. I. N. A. declares a war again and this time they took down all of the opponent's military and conquered the diamond mines. But the opponent responded by successfeully attacking our oil fields and taking control of them. It was the last thing that happened before the game was stopped.
All the decisions in the game were rational and are explained with a realist perspective. During the whole game, states were fighting with eachother to become more powerful than the opponent economically and militarily. Therefore, the game was going in the way that I predicted in the first paper.
There was basically only a few unexpected things for me.The first was that nobody even took an attempt to take controll over the lake, which was the main objective for both...

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