Sin And Addiction: Steps To Christ By Ellen White

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Many face different addictions, from all walks of life day to day to the point where some are even diseased by it. So does that mean that addiction is sin? Can addiction be separated from sin as much as it is connected to it, and how does it affect salvation?
By definition, sin is a transgression of God’s law or an act that is highly reprehensible. Sin is often something that occurs in many facets of our everyday life, and it is very hard to escape the grasp of sin. In biblical society, the keeping of God’s law was taken more seriously and literally than it is today, so how then does our blatant disrespect of sin affect our chance of salvation.
Sin in the bible is referred to as “deviation, rebellion, burden of guilt, etc” . We see evidences of these definitions, by way of various verses like Ezekial 44:10 where it says, “But the Levites who went far from Me when Israel went astray, who went astray from Me after their idols, shall bear the punishment for their iniquity.” Another verse to look at is, James 4:17, “Therefore to him that knows to do well, and does it not, to him it is sin”. In these verses it is clearly stated that sin is basically, knowing what is right, yet choosing to do the opposite of that which is right. However, more often than none, we continue to sin, choosing the latter between good and evil.
Usually when people cannot help themselves from making the same mistakes over and over, and doing the same behaviors/actions over and over, it is considered an addiction. An addiction is defined as, “a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance or behavior”. Therefore could it be said that sin is some form of addiction, if it seems to be a pattern that occurs repeatedly, and is compulsive in nature.
At first when I chose this topic I assumed that sin as a whole could have been classified as an addiction, but I realized that it is an addiction, but it is classified differently. Instead of it being called an addiction to sin, it is packaged as addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, etc. They are all types of sin that are addictive in nature. And thus sin isn’t blatantly called by its name, we address sin by activity and often times eluding from the fact that sin is sin, despite any other name.
When a person has an addiction they have lost a grasp of themselves and their behavior. A person who has an addiction is not concerned with whatever consequences are ahead of them; they are concerned with feeding the compulsion they feel to a certain activity, whatever the cost. Often times, people with addiction start out with the following ideas in mind, “it is just this one time” or “I won’t do it again” and they keep repeating it until they have reached such a comfort level that they are no longer phased by the wrongness of their sin.
It is possible for a person to quit their addiction for a while but eventually many continue in their addiction from where they left off. Many today separate the idea of addiction from...

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