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Sin And Addiction: The Meaning Of Sanctification

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What happens is that everyone who has ever had life on this earth, whether they are a believer or a non-believer, will face a final judgment, and this final judgment determines their destination, whether it is heaven or hell. The truth is that salvation is not something that we can grant ourselves, after we admit and repent, we must show our faith and devotion to God, and he is the one who grants us the necessary grace and mercy. Salvation is not guaranteed but Christ’s death on the cross makes it possible for us to attain it.
Though the Bible does not give any specific solutions to attaining salvation, from the text we can find what many of the conditions to salvation are. The first condition is love for God: it is important that nothing comes in between you and your love and devotion to God. In biblical times pagan gods distracted the people, but in today’s society people are distracted by money, power, fame, etc. It is important for our love to be successful that we remain humble, not arrogant.
The second condition is to love your neighbor: In the bible we see that God teaches us that through our love to him we should learn to love our neighbors. The commandment to love others is given the same rank as the commandment to “love the Lord our God, with all of our heart, soul and mind.” (Matt. 22:37)
The third condition is to have unlimited faith in Jesus Christ. Faith in regards to the Bible is more about believing in the unseen; it is also about having trust that our “unseen” God will bring us through. We should be able to give him our heart, and dedicate our lives to His will, also believing that he will never give us more than we can bear. His plan for our lives includes having a plan and a purpose for us, and if we live according to His will, we then can understand that purpose.
The fourth condition is to be more pure in our hearts toward him than following His rules as though they are chores. In biblical times we see that many lacked a pure love connection with God, and believed that if they followed hundreds of rules that they were automatically guaranteed salvation in Christ. Yet in the Bible, Jesus showed that one could follow as many rules as they wanted to, but it made no sense to even follow the rules, if their heart was wicked, greedy and full of trickery and deceit. The truth is that Jesus looks past one’s exterior and straight into the heart, and we are judged according to what is in our hearts, such as our beliefs, our motives, and our intentions.
The fifth condition is to live one’s life by high moral standards. The way to do this is by authentically living your life without malice, by not killing or stealing from anyone. A great way to understand this concept is to look at the 10 commandments, do anything against the 10 commandments is going against the concept of living with high morale.
The sixth condition is to be able to repent your sins and also forgive others of any wrongdoings committed against you. It is...

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