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Sin And Guilt Essay

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Sin and guilt tie hand in hand with human nature as a whole. Minor to major actions committed everyday are very common throughout history. Depending on the crime committed the internal turmoil experienced will be different for every type of person. Guilt will subsist in a form of everlasting punishment in the minds of mankind for those capable of feeling it in the book The Scarlet Letter, The movie Quiz Show, and the more recent event, the murders of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King.
As early as the 1600s in the book, The Scarlet Letter, Reverend Dimmesdale is haunted with guilt not only in his mind but in the physical form, Pearl, his daughter. Dimmesdale being Hester Prynne’s elicit lover ...view middle of the document...

He thanks God for not giving him a worst punishment and protecting him from the Black Man in the forest. Feeling sorry for Dimmesdale is hard considering he left Hester alone with Pearl for seven years but the self-loath and internal conflict he faced makes some sympathy possible.
Moving forward to the 1950s, the world has change the abilities for humans to feel guilt has not. The movie, Quiz Show, captivates the portrayal of guilt in the eyes of Charles Van Doran and the agreements me makes throughout the television show. In the beginning, the producers simply ask him questions he already knew the answer to. This slowly evolved to Charles knowing the questions prior to the show’s airing. The first sin was agreeing to lie to the public eye. With money coming from every show he wins, Charles’ moral compass is clouded by the fame and fortune. With his reputation on such a high pedestal from his successful father and his background at the university, no one expected the young and handsome man to be hiding a dirty secret. This is what haunted Charles the most. The sin he committed was unexpected from the public as well as his father. He will not only have to live with the reputation as a liar but he is viewed differently in the eyes of his father, one of the most important people in his life. Although lying and cheating is a sin, Charles can been seen as a somewhat good human being for the amount of self inflicted punishment he experienced.
While humans have always felt guilt since the beginning of time, there has always been those incapable of feeling guilt, these emotions are not felt because they’re evil. Those people often time derive pleasure by doing acts that cause the average person unbearable amounts of guilt. These individuals are often referred to as sociopaths. They all lack a moral compass in their minds that tell them right from wrong. ‘“The picture of stabbing her is just not a memory... I like the raping part”’ (Bauder). That was John...

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