Sin And Morality Essay

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Sin and Morality
Washington Ivring uses humor and satire to point out the immoraity of 18th century Boston. Jonathan Edwards takes a much more direct approach to the same audience in his sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God". Both men see problems in the world they live in. They both take different approachs to try to correct the problems, and use diffrent means to achieve resolution.
In "Sinners at the hands of an Angry God", Jonathan Edwards points that man is wicked, and the only thing between man and hell is the merciful God. Edwards stated how man would rather seek personal desires than worship God. Edwards beleived, along with the puritain way, that there was nothing you could do to earn God’s grace/salvation because no sinful human could ever deserve it. Edwards saw problems in man itself, rather then man's actions. In the book "The Devil and Tom Walker", Wahington Irving uses humor and satire to bring the problems of 18 century Boston to surface. Tom Walker, the main character of the story, is a married, miserly man who has a wife whom distrusts him, while he distrusts her all the same. In the passage, it says that Tom values money more then he does his wife. While Tom goes out to take a walk in the forest, he makes a deal with the Devil, nicknamed "Old Scratch" who he finds also in the forest. During the deal, the Devil suggests that an easy way to make money is the slave trading business. Tom repiles by saying that is a "lowly buiness and decides to be a money lender. Washington Ivring uses the element of satire when Tom Walker says that the slave trading business is "lowly". Tom thinks that loaning people money and charging tremendous intrest to the point of bankrupty is more rightous then selling people, when both businesses ruin people's lives equally.
In "Sinners at the hands of an Angry God", Jonathan Edwards he uses fear to compel people to turn to God. He condemns the people, hoping that he may change their ways. In his sermon, he compares God’s wrath to a bowman holding a bent bow aimed at man's heart. Only God's merciful heart is keeping man from being shot dead....

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