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Sinful Salesman Essay

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The play "Death of a Salesman" is written "with all his faults-his weakness, his density, his petty irritations and his self-delusions"¦" denotes Robert Hogan (216). The play is about Willy Loman, a salesman whose soul is lost in a hallucination and cannot distinguish between reality and illusion. Willy is incompetent to deal with society due to his feeling in a loss of identity and is unable to recognize himself. Upon reading Harold Clurman's 1949 critical essay, he denotes the play as "documented history of our lives" (26). Although, I agree that blind faith of the American dram may be true to some readers, it also appears that Willy, the fictional character, can perhaps speak for Miller by allowing his protagonist speak for him."I am tired to death claims Willy (Beaty and Hunter, 1871), as he arrives home from a business trip. From the beginning of the play Miller attempts to influence the reader by portraying a rundown, struggling Willy who hallucinates in time of yore. Continuously throughout the play Willy slips to the past, and in one of these scenes Ben, Willy's past brother, appears to him and Willy asks him ""¦what's the answer"¦How did you do it?" (1890). Willy's misguided notions of success results in disillusionment and ultimately failure in his life. Through most of his life, Willy blindly pursues success in his career and his values have been to ""¦be liked and you will never want" (1883). But Willy cannot fulfill this philosophy and therefore lives in a false illusion.In the play, Miller gives special attention in describing Willy's home. Could these images be intended to reveal Willy's life? While Willy is irritably seating at his he says ""¦they boxed us in here"¦.bricks and windows, windows and bricks" (1874). The box depicts Willy's life trapped in, and the heavy bricks connotes the weight (years) he carries with him. The window manifests the "light" an opportunity to reach his freedom and distinguish illusion from reality.The next scene is when Willy wants to plan seeds in the backyard of his fenced-in house garden however; the garden won't grow due to the absence of the sun. The sun signifies life, a meaning to this world and nurtures the soul. When Willy got inspired by Biff's opportunity to borrow money from his former employer, Bill Oliver, Willy begins to see hope and says, ""¦ and the sun, the sun all around him" (1902). The sun is symbolic of Willy's strength""no sun""no hope for life.Hence, Willy lives in a world of darkness where he can't escape and calls out ""¦where are you guys, where are you"¦the woods are burning"¦I can't drive a car" (1887). It seems that Willy is frantically seeking...

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