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Singa The Lion’s Resignation As A Mascot

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Singa the lion’s sudden resignation sparked off many debate amongst Singaporean. The resignation also results in bombardment of rude accusation that once again proves an increasingly angry and disagreeable society.
National Courtesy Movement have been existing in Singapore for over thirty years, back when mascot meant a lot, Singa also exist since the movement’s beginning alongside with other mascot such as Smiley the squirrel that promotes saving. Back then, it is widely acclaimed, every child should have recognized the mascot and their campaign. The period of time whereby courtesy campaign thrives and many started to value being courteous as a virtue, the heyday of the campaign.

Now Singa had chosen to quit as a mascot, what should happen to the near future for Singapore Kindness Movement? What approach should we used to encourage a more vibrant and courteous Singapore? As such I would put forth some opinion on the topic. Now, with the advancement of technology, we could actually take on the wave of technology, the Internet and media, to cultivate the seeds of courtesy. For example, advertisement on the multi-media sites such as internet, television broadcasting and even on the radio. It may exist as a form of short catchy phrase, a short TV series, or a hilarious talk show. It may also be placed on posters with effort of our mass transport provider, SMRT and SBS, or exist as comic strips in newspaper and magazines to slowly bring us to realization that such simple act of courtesy such as giving up seats for those in needs actually means a lot to them.
However, advertisement act as a gentle reminder to our fellow Singaporean to constantly be courteous. Therefore, to make courtesy a second nature to Singaporean the seed of courteousness should be planted and cultivated since young so that it may bloom and be groomed throughout the young to teen age. This courtesy may then follow them in the adult hood, and even as a parent they shall then do the right thing and teach their children to be courteous. When this cycle of teaching continues, the parent would be able to infuse courteousness as a value or even a virtue to the child. The ministry of education could also include courteousness in the education system and schools to inculcate students with this value of courteousness.
Even though...

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