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Singapore Print Media Essay

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Introduction:Streats and Today are FTA (free to air) newspapers. Both differ in terms of writing style, placement of that particular news and other components which I will cover along the way. There are disadvantages and advantages both the newspapers that I will also include later on.Brief History of Streats:Main board listed Singapore Press Holdings Limited is the leading news andinformation provider, offering quality content for print, Internet, TV andradio. It is licensed to publish 15 newspapers in the four officiallanguages and six lifestyle periodicals. Everyday, 2.78 millionindividuals, or 90 per cent of people above 15 years old, read one of 15newspapers published by SPH while online publication of its six maindailies enjoy some 120 million page views a month. SPH has ventured intothe broadcast medium and operates two popular free-to-air TV channels,Channel U in Chinese and Channel I in English.Streats, Singapore's first free sheet, hit the streets on September 4, 2000. The tabloid-sized English newspaper is available on weekday mornings at key commuting points, office buildings within the central business district, business parks, tertiary institutions, medical centres/hospitals, golf and country clubs and most private homes.The newspaper provides insightful summaries of the day's important news to give busy executives a head start to their day. With its comprehensive news content presented in an easy-to-read fashion, Streats is growing to be a must-have morning prime time read for news and analysis.Streats has a daily mass circulation of 280,000 copies.Brief History of Today:MediaCorp Press, the publishing business unit of the MediaCorp Group, represents the Group's official foray into newspaper publishing. With this new venture, TODAY and Weekend TODAY hit the newsstand, reaching out to busy professionals constantly on the move with little time to plough through the papers.More than 100,000 homes and offices have been receiving TODAY. Positioned as the alternative newspaper, TODAY offers the busy professional local and international news, all packed into a succinct and informative format. With a team of talented reporters and worldwide correspondents, TODAY covers a diverse range of interests. From perspectives on the local scene and business insights to lifestyle and entertainment news, technology and sports updates, TODAY caters to a wide spectrum of audiences.TODAY is available from Monday to Friday, and readers can pick up their copy of TODAY at MRT stations, bus interchanges, selected food and beverage outlets, country clubs, on board airlines, hospitals, government buildings and shopping malls. With a daily print run of up to 300,000 copies, TODAY reaches more than +650,000 readers, 15 years +.Weekend TODAYLaunched on 27 April 2002, it now has a circulation of 200,000 copies every weekend. Developed as a longer and leisurely read for the weekends, it is also distributed to more than 150,000 homes free.TODAY onlineTargets more...

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