Singapore Students Are Not Creative. What Are Your Views?

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Critical Reasoning SkillsSingapore students are not creative. What are your views?Nowadays, it is important to be entrepreneurial, innovative and global-minded, so one should be creative. To be creative is to be imaginative. Therefore, I agree that Singapore students are not creative, to a large extent.There are two types of students in Singapore, those who wear uniforms and those who do not. The two main reasons why students in Singapore are not creative are because they are too focused on getting good grades, they do not have the time to be creative, as well as the strict school rules and discipline.Firstly, the students are too focused on getting good grades. The students have no room for creativity as they often follow rote. The rote would be to acquire knowledge, passing their examinations to get into a good university, all for the reason of getting a well paid job in the future. Students have a stressful life because they often have to race against time to complete their syllabus and studies. Some often fail to accomplish that. In addition, some students would be tired by the time they get home from school. Therefore, this has made the students have fewer opportunities to exercise their creativity.Other people may say that, other than teaching the subjects that are required, some schools have also provided other extra activities which include music programs and programs to enhance their imagination. Many programs are introduced because the schools hope that through these programs, the student would boost their creativity. In spite of this, some of the students are still not creative because they do not express their creativity in through these events. Different people have different ways of expressing their feelings, thoughts and actions. Hence, the extra activities that some of the schools provide are still not efficient in getting students to be more creative.Secondly, they do not have enough time to be creative. Besides rushing to complete the syllabus in school, most students often have extra lessons or tuition. The extra lessons are given by the teachers, of the various subjects, to the students because they have missed the class or they need extra revision. Tuition is...

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