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Understanding the industry environment
 Singapore Sports Hub 35-hectare, S$1.87 billion project 55,000 capacity with a retractable
roof and movable tiered seating 6,000 - capacity OCBC Aquatic
Centre 3,000 - capacity OCBC arena Water Sports Centre featuring dragon
boating, kayaking and canoeing 41,000 sqm retail mall The iconic Singapore Indoor stadium Singapore Sports Museum Sports Hub Library Daily community facilities and
activities open for Singaporeans

Understanding the industry environment  Singapore Sports Hub Project
 Client - Singapore Sports Council  Contractor - Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd  Architects - DP Architects / Arup Group  Completion Date - 2014
 Sports Hub Project is part of the greater Marina Bay Masterplan.
 Aims of the project:  To build and operate a new national sports facility for Singapore
as a flagship PPP project under a 25 year concession agreement.  To incorporate the existing national stadium site into a mult-
purpose world leading sports facility.

Trends, Projections and Value Positions The three major objectives of Sports Hub:  To draw international events to its world-class facilities
and allow largest potential crowds to assemble in Singapore
 To promote sports internally to Singaporeans.  To offer opportunities for sports-related organizations to
bring their message to a large audience.

Trends, Projections and Value Positions Projections for Sports Hub in the future  To increase government investment in sports industry  To achieve the growth in nation's economy and tourism
trade via sports industry  To become the leading international sports hub  To establish a viable and sustainable sports strategy that
harness business, sports and community.  From a target of S$1.4 billion Gross Domestic Product
(GDP) contribution of sports industry in 2010 to S$2 billion GDP contribution in 2015

Trends, Projections and Value Positions  There is a value in not only becoming an upcoming state-
of-the-art infrastructure but also driving growth in the sporting landscape and effective positive and tangible rewards for its economy and the community
 Creation of new jobs and domino effect on local economy as part of wider generation and investment

Planning Problems Exceptional planning challenges before and during construction
 Delay due to financial crisis in 2008 and rise in construction costs globally
 Design of foundation took longer time due to the difficult ground condition with very irregular layers of marine clay
 The complexity of steel structure itself causes challenges  Higher-than-average rainfall in December 2013
Overall delay of the project causes Singapore to miss to host several main events
 WTA Championship in...

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