Singapore Vs Australia Comparative Essay

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There are many differences between Australia and Singapore, such as the political systems between both nations .Some general information about Singapore is that their population is 5.607 million ,the main languages they speak are English,Malay , Mandarin and Tamil. The president of Singapore is Tony Tan whilst the prime minister is Lee Hsien Long, major industries in Singapore are Shipping, banking, tourism, electrical & electronics, chemicals, oil refining and they trading partners are mainly US, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan.Now to some facts about Australia ,our population is 24.13 million, the main language is English.Australia does not president but has a Prime minister who is Malcom Turnball ,Australia also has a queen who is Queen Elizabeth II,The largest city is Australia is Sydney but Melbourne being the most livable city to live in.Our main industry is taken place in Western Australia which is process of refining minerals .In this analysis we will be exploring about the Australian and Singapore government .
Australia’s political ideology is a parliamentary and a representative democracy which is a federal parliament under a constitutional monarchy whereas Singapore’s political ideology is a unitary state which comes under a parliamentary and constitutional republic .Australia’s values respect the freedom and dignity of each individual, freedom of religion, commitment to the rule of law. Our political system is based on the idea that the Parliament is supreme, or sovereign.Democracy is a political ideology that respects the beliefs of the organisation and bodies that govern a country and should represent and protect the needs of the country’s citizens. A form of government in which the supreme power is in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents .As a country Australia has many values ,the values of Democracy is to determine what people think is right and wrong. The laws of a society also reflect the values of the majority of citizens in that society. As a society changes or its values change, new laws will develop. In a democracy, citizens will pressure the government to amend or introduce new laws that better reflect the changing values of the society.As a country Singapore values ,Integrity as their core value and is the foundation upon the beliefs and goals of the public service ,people in Singapore display integrity by being accountable ,having moral and courage and being fair .Another value is service , Service is the mission of public workers . Public workers should always do what is right with respects for the people that they serve ,they serve with dedication to their nation by having empathy and compassion to respect people . The last value is Excellence ,Excellence is the outcome . For a person to achieve these goals ,public officers indicate excellence within themselves .Singapore has a mindset for excellence which is striving to be the best that once can be in his or her role ,people of...

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